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Contxto – The internet is chock full of wacky challenges, trends, and stories. Some are cringe-worthy, and others are straight-up inspirational. And despite the overwhelming levels of bad news related to coronavirus (Covid-19) and economic recessions, one online trend is going on worthy of praise.

Social media buzzed this week with tweets and anecdotes of users who requested meals via delivery startup, Rappi, who then surprised the deliverer telling them the meal was a gift for them. It’s all done as a show of gratitude for their work and assuming the risk of infection.

Faith in humanity restored.

Free meals for Rappi staff

The Colombian startup announced not too long ago the launch of a program to deliver meals to healthcare professionals in Latin America. And while hailing their Rappitenderos as heros who risk their health for the sake of completing deliveries, it’s fallen on users this week to show them some love.

In Mexico, users have shared via social media the conversations they had wherein they make a request for a meal or grocery pickup via Rappi’s app. When the food is in the deliverer’s possession, the user tells the Rappitendero—surprise! 

It’s a gift for them. 

This trend has gone beyond Mexico. One user in Ecuador also stated that these meal and grocery giveaways are also happening for Rappitenderos there.

Likewise, sources report that there have been similar happenings for other food deliverers on platforms like Uber Eats.

Be careful though…

Unfortunately, even these kind gestures aren’t always appreciated. One user in Colombia stated on her Twitter account that she’d tried to provide the deliverer with some groceries and he wound up changing the order and buying Whiskey for himself instead.

As a result, if you want to join this trend (kudos to you!), keep an eye out for changes in your order and notify the food delivery platform of any misconduct.

No doubt deliverers are overloaded with work and it’s these simple gestures that give them the motivational boost to keep going. Let’s not let a bad apple or two ruin the trend for everyone else.

In the end… tough times can bring out the worst in people. But, it can also bring out our best side and even inspire others to do the same.

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