Beetransfer, the fintech startup that achieved sales exceeding USD$1.3 million in its first year, formalized a strategic partnership with the Bitso cryptocurrency platform to accelerate its expansion in Latin America.

This strategic collaboration will allow Beetransfer users to access a new alternative for receiving instant payments, providing greater flexibility in managing their international income.

Bitso, with extensive experience in technology and a regional focus, presents itself as an ideal partner for this initiative.

“This partnership represents an exciting step forward in the fintech industry and in the world of freelancers. With Bitso, we commit to providing our users with immediate payments in their local currency efficiently and securely,” explains Rubén Lovera, CEO of Beetransfer.

Beetransfer is the flagship platform for Latin American talent, facilitating thousands of freelancers, nomads, and companies to receive payments from anywhere in the world in seconds.

Accelerated by Emprelatam, one of the most prominent accelerators in the region, the company enables users exporting their services globally to receive or exchange dollars at a lower cost, in addition to securing the exchange rate of dollars transferred to pesos.

In a context where 35% of the global population is freelancing, with 100 million in Latin America receiving payments from abroad, Beetransfer becomes a key player.

According to 2021 data, Argentina represented approximately 1.5% of the global freelancing market, with an estimated total value of USD$1.5 trillion in the global freelancing market.

This data places the TAM for Argentina at around USD$22.5 trillion (1.5% of USD$1.5 trillion).

In generational terms, the trend shows that 28% of Baby Boomers, 33% of Millennials, and 50% of Generation Z work as freelancers.

“This partnership will provide an immediate billing experience for thousands of freelancers in Latin America and expand their operations to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile.

“User safety is a priority backed by Bitso. Initially, it will benefit users in Argentina, with ambitious plans to acquire 17,000 users in the region in the next 12 months,” assures Beetransfer.

Among the benefits this partnership offers to Beetransfer users is the ability to receive payments in their local bank accounts, taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of monetary transactions.

Likewise, the collaboration ensures security and transparency thanks to Bitso’s commitment to regulation and transaction integrity.

Focused on Latin America, this alliance between Beetransfer and Bitso seeks to benefit a broad base of freelancers in the region, consolidating Beetransfer as a leader in the fintech market by further simplifying and streamlining its processes for the well-being of its users.