House & Flats achieves USD$256,000 investment round

House & Flats managed to raise over USD$256,000 by successfully completing its funding round through, a crowdfunding platform.
House & Flats managed to raise USD$256,000 by successfully completing its funding round through, a crowdfunding platform.

The financing round of the startup House & Flats, the leading 360 real estate investment digital platform focused on offering long-term rentals worldwide, has successfully concluded.

House & Flats raised over USD$256,000 by completing its financing round through, a crowdfunding platform.

By reaching the targeted investment goal, the company gained 62 new investors who will drive the company’s growth.

This includes prominent figures like Patricio Fuks, former CEO of WeWork Latam, and Francisco Ackermann, co-founder of Finup, who are also influencers in financial education and real estate investment with a community of nearly 800,000 followers.

Following the successful conclusion of this financing round, House & Flats is in a solid position to accelerate its expansion.

The company plans to use the funds obtained to expand its platform, attract new customers, and increase its presence in more regional countries, focusing on Buenos Aires.

Additionally, the company aims to enhance its services and strengthen its strategic partnerships.

This will translate into direct benefits for the platform’s users, who will enjoy exclusive advantages such as airport transportation services and discounts at various local establishments.

According to data from House & Flats, over a million exchange students and executives in Latin America arrive each year, and more than 60% of them struggle to find quality rental options at fair prices.

The startup’s value proposition, which achieved a successful investment closure thanks to the efforts of, is based on meticulous property selection, ensuring reservations in less than 24 hours, and establishing strategic agreements with universities to provide customers with a worry-free experience.

The company is committed to reducing the risk of fraud and theft in the rental market. This market continues to grow at an annual rate of 11%.

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