Rappi is FC Barcelona’s new sponsor in LATAM

Rappi, the region’s leading technology and home delivery company, became a strategic partner of the Catalan club.
FC Barcelona closed a strategic alliance with Rappi, to penetrate the Latin American market in a forceful way.

FC Barcelona is one of the most important football teams on the planet, both in the sporting and commercial realms, known for strategically choosing its partners and sponsors.

What the club generates goes beyond the field and football; its commercial impact represents billions of dollars, and this time it has closed an alliance with Rappi to make a strong entry into the Latin American market.

This move was a strategic step in its expansion into LATAM, adding Rappi, one of the continent’s unicorns, as one of its official sponsors.

Rappi, the most important company in the region in terms of technology and delivery services, has become a strategic partner of the Catalan club.

This agreement will run until June 2026, granting Rappi the status of Official Partner of FC Barcelona in Latin America.

“The Barça has a large number of followers in Latin America, especially in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. This is confirmed by our television and social media audience data, positioning Latin America as one of the regions in the world with the most club followers.

“With this alliance with Rappi, we will enhance this privileged position in this area and help improve their experience by connecting with the fans through imaginative and disruptive actions driven by emotions and empathy,” revealed Juli Guiu, Vice President of Marketing at FC Barcelona.

Additionally, Rappi has become the Official Delivery Partner of FC Barcelona for both male and female teams in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay, and Ecuador.

Rappi is one of the most well-known startups in the entire Latin American region, offering a wide range of products, from restaurant food to e-commerce items.

The Colombian unicorn operates throughout Latin America, even through its Turbo stores, guaranteeing deliveries in 10 minutes or less.

Despite its brief 8-year existence, Rappi has become one of the leading technology companies in the region, with a presence in 9 countries and over 350 cities.

This agreement promises to provide innovative and exclusive experiences for FC Barcelona fans in Latin America, to forge a strong and lasting emotional bond with the region’s fanbase.

“Throughout my career, I have worked with many leagues and teams. There are few brands as strong as FC Barcelona, both globally and in Latin America.

“Rappi is one of the most recognized and universal brands in Latin America. We are very excited to develop a partnership that combines the strength of both brands and meets the needs of the end customer and the fan,” Kartik Gandhi, Marketing Director at Rappi.

Fans of Barça in these countries will be able to enjoy official products and exclusive surprises during matches, delivered directly to their homes by Rappi’s couriers.

Rappi will have visibility on various club assets, including the LED screen surrounding the field and access to hospitality areas at the Olympic Stadium and the Spotify Camp Nou, among other brand promotion actions, including an association with the Barça Legends.

This sponsorship agreement will drive the growth and expansion of FC Barcelona in Latin America, a region with great commercial potential for the club.

This commercial alliance will also solidify the Barça brand as a valuable reference in the field of sports sponsorships for companies from various sectors.

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