Kenjo, the startup for comprehensive human resources (HR) software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, achieved a successful Series A funding round, securing an investment of USD$9.4 million, led by the Hi Inov fund.

This investment was backed by significant investors, such as Lightbird and Innovation Nest, in addition to others previously involved with the startup, like Redalpine and The Delta. Wolfgang Krause, Managing Partner of Hi Inov, will join Kenjo’s board as a General Partner.

With these funds, Kenjo aims to consolidate its position as a leader in the Latin American market for HR software, especially focusing on sectors such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, logistics, and health.

Additionally, the startup plans to expand its range of digital solutions to optimize the management of Human Resources departments in the Latin American region.

Currently, Kenjo operates in several countries in Latin America, including Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, and Nicaragua, in addition to having its headquarters in Mexico City. This investment will provide them with the opportunity to continue their expansion throughout the continent.

Kenjo offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies administrative tasks in the Human Resources area and facilitates compliance with labor regulations in different countries in LATAM.

Their platform focuses on optimizing key processes such as attendance control, vacation and absence management, payroll, scheduling, data analysis, and performance evaluations, among others.

David Padilla, CEO and founder of Kenjo, stated that this funding will allow them to continue innovating their product and move towards a better consolidated future.

“The fundamental role that the HR department plays in driving organizational growth is often underestimated. Therefore, it is essential for them to have the technology and resources needed to be more efficient and improve corporate culture and employee development,” explained the executive.