Spotify Launches Video E-Learning Courses in the UK

Aiming to leverage its 600 million+ user base by diversifying content into education and  through collaborations with entities like BBC and Skillshare, Spotify offers a range of video courses priced between £20 and £80.
Spotify Launches Video E-learning Courses In The Uk
Spotify Launches Video E Learning Courses In The Uk

Accessible via both web and mobile app, the content spans various subjects, including music production and Excel tutorials, designed to cater to users’ diverse interests.

Mohit Jitani, Spotify’s London-based product director, emphasizes the trial’s goal to gauge user demand before broader implementation. The company intends to refine its pricing and content strategy based on initial feedback.

Spotify’s educational content, positioned to compete with platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn Learning, focuses on one-way video instruction without immediate plans for interactive elements or gamification.

Revenue from course sales will be shared between Spotify, content creators, and publishers, with details of the distribution undisclosed. This move is part of Spotify’s broader strategy to diversify its offerings and achieve sustained profitability.

The choice of the UK for the launch reflects its significance as a key market for Spotify, underscored by the company’s ongoing efforts to explore new content domains beyond music and podcasts.

Want to test them?

  • If you are in U.K. and using mobile app, you will find the courses in the home tabs.
  • On desktop:
  • At the moment, the courses are available for purchase from the mobile app, but synced with the any desktop via a browser

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