Niko received a $3.3 to Enter Mexico: Solar Financing, Installation, Maintenance for SMEs and Homes

Their financing options are designed to be bureaucratic-free and fully digital, with fast approval times.
Niko Received A $3.3 To Enter Mexico: Solar Financing, Installation, Maintenance For Smes And Homes
Niko Received A 33 To Enter Mexico Solar Financing Installation Maintenance For Smes And Homes

Niko enters the Mexican market with a focus on solar energy solutions for homes and small businesses, providing a comprehensive service that includes financing, installation, and maintenance. The company utilizes advanced AI and satellite technology to simplify the purchase process, alongside an app for energy monitoring. Unique in the market, Niko offers payment options without down payments and approvals within 12 hours, promising up to 40% savings on electricity bills.

Founded by Raffaele Sertorio and Edoardo Dellepiane, Niko received a $3.3 million approval from investors Picus Capital and 468 Capital, aiming to capture the growing solar energy sector in Mexico. The country, with 85% of its territory suitable for solar projects, could become a leading solar energy power. Niko’s all-in-one service model contrasts with the industry’s practice of outsourcing installations, ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction.

The company’s launch aligns with the increasing interest in solar energy in Latin America, amid high electricity costs and the region’s significant solar potential. Niko aims to accelerate solar energy adoption in Mexico by overcoming barriers and skepticism towards solar investments, offering an unparalleled service experience to transform the solar energy narrative in the country.

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