AWS Community Day Mexico was a success in Monterrey

The choice of the Sultana del Norte was not random, as the city has become a major technology hub, home to an ecosystem of startups and companies with significant investments.
Monterrey hosted the first AWS Community Day Mexico, which for the first time landed in Mexican territory and was a great success.

Monterrey hosted the first edition of the AWS Community Day Mexico, which for the first time landed in Mexican territory last weekend and was a success, according to the organizers.

The choice of the Sultana del Norte, as the capital of Nuevo León is known, was not random, as the city has become an essential technological center, hosting an ecosystem of startups and companies with significant investments, venture capital, advanced infrastructure, positioning it as a leader in innovation.

The AWS Community Day Mexico was a celebration of cloud innovation, where attendees could learn from experts, exchange ideas, and discover the latest trends in AWS technologies. 

“I am excitedgrateful, and surprised by the response and positive impact we received at this first event in our country. Our vision was always clear: bringing AWS enthusiasts in Mexico together to share, learn, and grow

“Seeing all these builders together exceeded all expectations. Monterrey has been the host of the first AWS Community Day Mexico and the starting point of something much bigger for AWS in the country and Latin America. Without a doubt, this edition marks a before and after in the communities in Mexico,” stated David Victoria, AWS Community Leader of User Group Monterrey, during the event kickoff.

This event was aimed at decision-makers, developers, architects, engineers, and others interested in AWS. Over 30 conferences, workshops, and hands-on experiences were provided in four thematic stages.

“The impact that AWS Community has at the LATAM level is growing. To date, we have a presence in 16 countries and 52 user groups throughout all Latin regions; more than 230 community builders have joined to inspire more developers to be part of these innovation and training spaces in the cloud

“We have held 11 AWS Community Day events, and women have made an important mark in this initiative with the first AWSome Women Community Summit. Undoubtedly, our role in cloud innovation is standing out and making a difference; however, this is only the beginning, and our path ahead is still long,” highlighted Memo Döring, Head of Developer Relations LATAM at AWS.


Some of the most prominent conferences at the event, where attendees could access valuable knowledge, were,

Exploring the Cloud, first steps of Digital Transformation 

Building scalable web applications: Using a serverless approach and infrastructure as code with CDK
Simplicity and efficiency: Demystifying single-table design in AWS DynamoDB 

From code to the cloud: Optimize your CI/CD for your serverless applications 

Advanced observability for dynamic hybrid environments in AWS with Dynatrace -Securing your applications during the development lifecycle


The first edition of this event exceeded the expectations of the organizers, as both participants and speakers managed to exchange knowledge and experience in an ecosystem that evolves every day.

“We are very excited about the results we achieved in the first edition of the event. We had the participation of over 380 attendees, 32 conferences and workshops, certifications, and a lot of cloud.

“The AWS Community Day Mexico was a unique event in our country because it allowed attendees to discuss diverse topics; from the first steps in the cloud to best practices and the cutting edge in generative AI,” recounted Alejandra Bricio, co-organizer of AWS Community Day Mexico.

In Latin America, AWS Community Day events have been equitably led by women, and Mexico was no exception, with an 80% female representation in its organization.

“Among our goals as organizers is to have more and more women in this industry; we want them not only to be spectators but participants. We aim to have more women play a role in the tech industry. 

“We are confident that we are contributing to that goal. We are pleased to announce that we achieved 25% of attendees being women,” revealed Sandy Rodríguez, AWS Community Leader of Cloud Ambassadors and co-organizer.

This meeting was a comprehensive opportunity for training, networking, and certification. From decision-makers to developers, solution architects, or entrepreneurs, everyone had the opportunity to train for their certification 100% free of charge.

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