Paraguay’s INDERT Partners with Grupo Fintech for Electronic Payments

Expanding access with 8,500 payment points nationwide, enhancing security and convenience for land payments.
Paraguay's Indert Partners With Grupo Fintech For Electronic Payments
Paraguay Indert Partners With Grupo Fintech For Electronic Payments

The Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Rural y de la Tierra (INDERT) introduced a new electronic payment method in partnership with Grupo Fintech Inversiones, adding Aquí Pago and Pago Express to its payment options.

The initiative, launched in Paso Yobái, Guairá, aims to simplify and secure payments for land quotas directly from local communities, eliminating the need for physical travel to major cities.

The collaboration effectively increases payment accessibility, offering 8,500 collection points across the country. This move is part of a broader effort to facilitate land payments under the Agrarian Statute, aligning with the 2020 law limiting electronic transaction fees, thereby promoting financial inclusion among rural landowners.

Emphasizing security and efficiency, the electronic payment systems minimize cash handling risks and processing errors.

Enhanced encryption protocols ensure the protection of financial data, supporting the transparency and reliability of transactions while fostering financial inclusion across diverse geographical and economic barriers.

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