Meta Restructures AI Division, FAIR Now Under Chief Product Officer

led by VP Joelle Pineau and Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun.
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Mark Zuckerberg_IA_Billionaire

Previously, FAIR was under the supervision of CTO Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, head of the Reality Labs division.

This move signifies an elevation of AI research’s role in Meta’s long-term strategy and product development. Chris Cox conveyed in an internal note to employees the importance of AI research for the company’s future. He emphasized that the reorganization aims for a more unified AI research portfolio and roadmap. This includes focusing on ‘Llama’ as the primary vehicle for progress towards artificial general intelligence (AGI) and streamlining the development of new technologies. The restructuring also addresses the need for consistent navigation of the legal, policy, and brand challenges in the AI space.

This significant change at Meta reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to integrating advanced AI into its products and services, aligning with broader industry trends and internal strategic shifts.

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