– dLocal, a cross-border payment solutions provider, has partnered with Papaya Global, a payroll and payments platform, to facilitate seamless workforce payments across various regions, focusing on emerging markets.

– The partnership allows mutual customers to easily manage payments for employees, partners, freelancers, and suppliers, while streamlining the checkout process.

– Currently operational in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the partnership aims to expand its reach to additional territories in the future.

Agustin Botta, Head of EMEA at dLocal, emphasizes the importance of thinking local when going global. “Leveraging dLocal’s solution tailored to specific emerging markets, mutual customers can easily execute payments with full compliance, irrespective of the varied payment ecosystems.

Together, we are ensuring our offerings are the highest possible quality for customers to enable them to pay anyone anywhere.”

The partnership is currently operational in key regions such as Latin America (including Chile, Colombia, and Mexico), Asia (covering Indonesia and Vietnam), and Africa, with plans to extend its footprint to additional territories in the future.

By integrating their expertise, dLocal and Papaya Global offer a comprehensive solution that ensures prompt and accurate payments while adhering to local regulations.

The initial deployment of this solution in existing markets has shown substantial increases in payment volume, improvements in delivery rates, and a notable decrease in customer service issues.

Ori Shilo, VP Business Development and Partnerships at Papaya Global, expresses excitement about the partnership , “Together, we are reshaping the global payments landscape, ensuring a premium payment experience without borders or compromises, and providing our customers with a strong base for scale and growth.”

The partnership between dLocal and Papaya Global aims to revolutionize cross-border payments by simplifying global workforce management and enabling businesses to efficiently manage payments across various regions.