Guamacard Launches Colombia’s First Credit Card for Non-Credit History Individuals

The card aims to include those without credit history, offering a digital-first approach to build credit.
Guamacard Launches Colombia's First Credit Card For Non-credit History Individuals
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Guamacard, co-founded by María Paula Pinzón, Victor Julio, and Alfredo J. Prieto, former Nubank colleagues, is a groundbreaking financial product in Colombia. It addresses a significant challenge: the lack of credit access for individuals without a credit history. Guamacard aims to break this vicious cycle by offering a first credit card based on users’ shared financial information, thereby allowing them to start building a credit history.

Originally envisioned as a personal finance app, Guama, the founders pivoted to Guamacard, driven by a commitment to solve fundamental societal issues related to credit access. The card offers a 100% digital experience, free virtual cards, progressive credit limit increases, interest-free single installment purchases, and the opportunity to build a credit history.

Guamacard Clásica features include a variable interest rate (up to 28%), a monthly management fee of $9,000 (if there are purchases or pending balances), and an optional physical card delivery for $19,000+IVA. The key requirements are minimal: being over 18, owning a smartphone and active email, and linking a bank account.

Initially slated for a December 2023 release, Guamacard’s official launch is now expected in the first quarter of 2024. This innovative financial tool not only changes how credit is accessed in Colombia but also reshapes the narrative of financial inclusion. Potential users can join the waiting list at, positioning themselves at the forefront of this financial revolution.

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