Adtech and cybersecurity startup, Adjust, continues romp through LatAm—now in Mexico

adtech and cybersecurity startup, adjust, continues romp through latam—now in mexico
adtech and cybersecurity startup, adjust, continues romp through latam—now in mexico

Contxto – Adjust, a startup that focuses on mobile measurement and fraud prevention, continues to expand throughout Latin America as it opens an office in Mexico City.

This German startup first crossed the pond into the United States, but has had a sustained presence in Latin America since 2016. Back then, all the way back in 2016, the company set up shop in São Paulo and has aggressively sought growth across the globe since.

Now, it is Mexico’s turn.

Should we be worried?

Adjust has a total of 16 international offices with more than 400 employees. Furthermore, according to a recent press release, “the company plans to grow its global headcount significantly in 2020, including roles in Mexico City.”

With such aggressive growth in mind, should local adtech, cybersecurity, and regtech startups be worried?

Certainly, the likes of Mexico’s locally grown Bayonet—a B2B (business to business) cybersecurity startup—seems to fit the bill for direct competition with Adjust. 

However, for the moment, there does seem to be enough space for growth in this industry for the time being.

Reporting on Bayonet’s raising of US$500,000 less than a month ago, our Contxto blogger and resident oracle, Mariana López, predicted:

“The need for fraud prevention is a pressing matter throughout Latin America. This is why these types of startups are also an emerging trend and investors know it. There will surely be more to come followed, of course, by further funding.”

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Indeed, Adjust’s own data shows that Latin America, as a region, trails only Asia-Pacific in terms of mobile market growth. That’s an exponential increase that will open up a lot of space for mobile measurement, adtech, and cybersecurity startups to spread their wings and fly. 

In this sense, Adjust is not so much being aggressive, as simply playing the numbers. Mexico is number two within the region in mobile market growth. So, with offices already in Brazil, Mexico City was next in line for the picking. 

“Mobile penetration in Mexico is poised to grow exponentially over the next few years, presenting attractive opportunities to invest in the market and help app marketers there unify and safeguard their advertising efforts,” said Christian Henschel, co-founder and CEO of Adjust.

Why can’t we be friends?

Competitors may still need to worry though. Even though the space to expand is big, so are this extra-regional startup’s ambitions. 

Adjust has recruited Abril Bautista onto its Latam sales leadership team, and it will be her job to not let up the pace of expansion. After Mexico, Bautista will have to set her sights on the Colombian, Chilean, and Central American markets as her company’s Latam Sales Director.

It would seem that the battle for the soul of Latin America’s mobile market has only just begun. Let’s just hope local contenders haven’t brought a bayonet to a gunfight.


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