Apexon, a leading digital services company, is opening a new center in Guadalajara, dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”, to meet the growing demand for digital products and services that drive business transformation while offering human-centered experiences.

The Guadalajara center, which adds to Apexon’s global presence with 18 offices worldwide, plans to hire over 300 engineers in its first year.

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With over 17 years of experience, Apexon focuses on three areas of digital service solutions: Digital Experience, Data Services, and Digital Engineering, with a strong track record in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), healthcare, and life sciences sectors. Apexon is backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Everstone Capital.

Sandeep Dhar, Director of Delivery at Apexon, said:

By harnessing Mexico’s exceptional technical expertise and engineering community, Apexon is better positioned to provide its clients with access to a diverse talent pool, ensuring greater flexibility and resilience in the face of market challenges.

The company has undergone over 25 years of continuous innovation and expansion, evolving from four independent startup organizations to a global powerhouse in digital engineering, with over 5,500 engineers worldwide.

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What does it imply for venture capital?

  • Investment Opportunities: Apexon’s expansion and growth in Guadalajara present new investment opportunities for venture capital firms interested in supporting digital services companies and their transformative impact on businesses.
  • Access to Talent: The hiring of over 300 engineers by Apexon in its new center signifies a pool of skilled professionals in Guadalajara, providing venture capital firms with access to a diverse talent pool for potential investments in the region.
  • Market Potential: Apexon’s presence in the “Silicon Valley of Mexico” highlights the thriving tech ecosystem and market potential in Guadalajara. Venture capital firms can leverage this opportunity to invest in promising startups and scale-ups in the region, driving innovation and growth.

What does it imply for Latin American startups?

  • Enhanced Visibility: The establishment of Apexon’s new center in Guadalajara, known as the “Silicon Valley of Mexico,” brings greater visibility to Latin American startups in the global market. This increased recognition can attract the attention of investors and potential customers, providing Latin American startups with more opportunities for growth and partnerships.
  • Access to Talent and Resources: This presents a valuable resource for Latin American startups, as they can tap into the local talent pool and benefit from the expertise and capabilities of experienced professionals.
  • Ecosystem Development: By establishing a presence in the region, Apexon not only brings investment and job opportunities but also fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing among startups, promoting innovation and advancement within the Latin American startup community.