Fintech Summit Latam Celebrates its 15th Edition in Mexico City to Refine the Future of Financial Startups

Join the 15th Fintech Summit Latam in Mexico City, Aug 31-Sep 1. Dive into trends, innovations, and the future of Latin American financial startups in 2023
Fintech Summit Latam-2023 Fintech Summit Latam-2023
Fintech Summit Latam-2023

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Mexico City is gearing up to host the 15th edition of the Fintech Summit Latam, which will occur on August 31st and September 1st. This prestigious event, which has evolved and grown over the years, primarily aims to illuminate the path to the future of the financial industry in Latin America.

This year, the summit will feature 40 distinguished speakers from various countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, the United States, and Mexico. This diversity promises to provide a range of perspectives on the megatrends that are redefining the financial sector.

The summit will focus on critical aspects such as emerging technologies, updated regulations, and the convergence of the financial industry with other areas to enhance financial inclusion. Among the highlighted topics are Fintelcos (mobile operators), Open Finance, and FaaS.

Ana María Yumiseva, director of Fintech Summit Latam, emphasized the significance of this event:

“We aim to create a space for honest and progressive discussions that reflect the true transformation of the financial ecosystem in our region. The participation of high-caliber speakers from all over Latin America and other countries reinforces the summit’s commitment to excellence and forward vision.”

The event is designed for leaders and decision-makers in the digital financial sector, including executives from traditional banks, regulators, fintech, mobile operators, and neobanks. Moreover, SMEs with digital offerings will find this venue an invaluable opportunity for networking and learning.

After the notable success of the 2022 edition, which gathered more than 400 attendees, this year’s event is expected to reach new heights. The Swapcard application, powered by artificial intelligence, will enable attendees to establish valuable connections and schedule individual meetings. In addition, there will be an exhibition hall, both virtual and physical, where the latest fintech innovations will be showcased.

You can register for Fintech Summit Latam 2023 here.

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