market analysis platform atlantia search raises undisclosed bridge round led by redwood ventures

Market analysis platform Atlantia Search raises undisclosed bridge round led by Redwood Ventures

Contxto – International market research wonk Atlantia Search from Mexico City recently wrapped up an undisclosed bridge round led by tapatío fund, Redwood Ventures. 

“Of course, the bet in Atlantia Search is an attractive business model and scalable,” said Ian Paul Otero, a managing partner at Redwood Ventures, in recent correspondence. “It’s a robust and disruptive technological platform.”

Another layer of unshakeable optimism relates to the caliber of leadership behind the vision. After all, the company has reportedly experienced a consistent rate of 100 percent yearly growth.

“We trust that together, we will continue revolutionizing an industry worth over US$75 million on a global level where data analysis and artificial intelligence are growing more than double than the traditional industry,” Otero added.

As mentioned in a recent press release, the new capital will go towards the company’s expansion to other countries while expanding their use of machine learning, visual recognition, in addition to other automation processes. Wayra and GC Capital also contributed to the funding, having been investors previously as well.

Following suit, now Atlantia Search joins a medley of other tech companies within Redwood Ventures¡ diverse portfolio. Its siblings include Billpocket, Gurú de Viaje, Yotepresto, Troquer, Crabi, among others. 

Atlantia Search market analysis platform 

What began in 2013 has gradually transformed into a leading market research platform proficient in eight distinctive areas. These include consumers and prices, brands, campaigns, products and concepts, ads, competitor ranking, mystery shopping, plus geo-analytics. Depending on the need, clients simply select the product offers most suited to them.

Active in Mexico, Latin America, and part of Europe, Atlantia Search has garnered various multinational companies as clients. These include Walmart, Cinépolis, KPMG, Sanfer, among others. In the end, what the startup offers customers is risk reductions for their next big project.

The theory goes that speed, efficiency, and automation from Atlantia will make marketing research efforts less hectic than ever before. Redwood, at least, seems to believe this.


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