Mexican Biobotix Labs and healthtech Fixme team up to use IoT technology

Mexican Biobotix Labs And Healthtech Fixme Team Up To Use Iot Technology Mexican Biobotix Labs And Healthtech Fixme Team Up To Use Iot Technology
mexican biobotix labs and healthtech fixme team up to use iot technology

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Contxto – Mexican Biobotix Labs and Spanish healthtech Fixme have joined forces to combine technology and physiotherapy in Mexico.

Through their partnership, the physiotherapists hosted on Fixme’s marketplace platform will try out the Mexican startup’s tech on the field. Specifically, these professionals will use a device for measuring the range of movement of a person’s limbs to better understand the healing process.

In addition, Vidal Crispín, Biobotix Labs’ Chief Technology Officer (CTO) stated that in June the startup may launch a pilot program with a perfected version of their product.

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Healing through IoT tech

Entrepreneurs Sergio Roque, Vidal Crispín, and Yoscelín Mendieta at Biobotix Labs developed a solution physiotherapists can appreciate.

They’ve created a wearable band that can measure the range of movement for a person that has undergone an injury. And that’s possible thanks to the use of motion sensors, AKA, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The band gathers the data and then uploads its findings onto a cloud. Their tech also provides a biomechanical analysis. From there, the physiotherapist or doctor can consult the information through their smartphone or computer.

The exact data can help a doctor or physiotherapist better understand the state of the injury, measure progress, and make decisions to help the patient’s overall healing process. 

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Biobotix Labs offers entryway into Mexican market

Fixme is a startup from Madrid that offers physiotherapy services and personal training straight to a person’s door. And it wants to harness Biobotix Labs’ technology to enhance the offerings it provides. 

During the announcement of the partnership, it was also stated that the move was a strategy on behalf of Fixme to enter the Mexican city of Puebla.

Besides hosting its platform in its native country, the Spanish startup is also in Colombia.

Should the partnership between the pair yields positive results, it may be interesting to see if it leads to getting the Mexican startup’s IoT technology into two markets (Colombia and Spain).

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