According to Gregorio Sánchez, country manager for Colombia and Ecuador, Mattilda will facilitate transactions for schools using an automated collection platform and extend credits through a factoring model.

Mattilda’s innovative service automates the monthly billing and collection of tuition fees, simplifying the financial operations for schools.

With $53.2 million in total capital, including $24 million in debt from Addem Capital and $29.2 million from seed and Series A funding rounds, Mattilda is poised for significant growth. The company’s goal is to reach about 10% of Colombian educational institutions, translating to roughly 400 schools.

In addition to automation, Mattilda provides schools with long-term credit lines, up to 36 months, to fund improvements and expansions.

Currently impacting approximately 20,000 students in Colombia, Mattilda aims to quintuple this impact by the end of 2024, addressing the critical financing needs of Colombian schools as highlighted by Sánchez during his interview with Valora Analitik.