In an exciting expansion phase, the innovative Mexican startup Tu Mejor Amigo is on the home stretch to secure an investment of USD $400,000 to enhance its unique pet walking and care service. In a world where pets are increasingly considered an integral part of families, this sum promises to strengthen a proposition that meets the needs of owners to maintain the well-being of their furry companions despite the demands of modern life.

Founded at the beginning of 2023 by visionary Argentines Ignacio Poli and Federico Aracre, along with their compatriot Ignacio Zanotto, Tu Mejor Amigo emerged as a solution to the personal difficulties they faced in caring for their pets. Their subscription model ranges from daily walks to veterinary care, ensuring complete internal management of logistics and operations to offer a premium quality service to its users.

“We differentiate ourselves by exhaustive control of our processes, which allows us to deliver an unmatched and efficient customer experience,” highlights Aracre.

The future of Tu Mejor Amigo received a significant boost from Platanus Ventures, which, through its acceleration program, contributed a substantial capital injection of USD $250,000. This fund, supported by notable investors from the startup ecosystem, has been crucial for the company’s initial development.

After a standout presentation at the program’s Demo Day on October 24, the pet tech firm is closing a new funding round of $400,000 for November. “This additional capital will be essential to continue perfecting our operations and the technology that supports our service,” reports Aracre.

The company’s immediate focus is to consolidate itself in Mexico City, where it sees a potentially vast market with some 80 million pets. Aracre emphasizes fine-tuning its product-market fit in Mexico before venturing into additional territories.

Although regional expansion is not an urgent task, Aracre anticipates that, in the medium term, the gigantic and promising Brazilian market could be a strategic target for Tu Mejor Amigo, projecting an expansion plan three years down the line, after the company solidifies its position in Mexico. With this action plan, the startup positions itself not only as a promising player in pet care in Latin America but also as a shining example of business innovation and adaptation.