Nuevo León state launches Mexican cluster to aid energy startups

nuevo león state launches mexican cluster to aid energy startups
nuevo león state launches mexican cluster to aid energy startups

Contxto – The Mexican state of Nuevo León aspires to become the focal point in Mexico when it comes to energy startups.

With that purpose in mind, it’s launched a cluster to stimulate the local scene of startups specializing in energy tech. Whether they’re startups that work with alternative energy sources or your typical ones, it matters not.  

And for that cluster a specialized committee has been created and it met last Monday (17) for the first time to draw out an action plan.

Members of this group include reps from energy-companies like Enel and Mexican EPSCON. On the entrepreneurial side, there are the likes of Artifex Angels.

In total, there are 65 partnering companies within the cluster.

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Seeking energy startups

While not self-proclaiming itself as an accelerator, the plans this cluster has are quite accelerator-like.

“Through the Entrepreneurship Committee, the cluster will manage a portfolio of startup-type businesses,” explained Amado Villareal, the organization’s Director.

“[The cluster] will provide them methodologies and guided supervision to solve issues related to technology, the product, market, and management. It will also connect them to the Mexican ecosystem of private equity, innovation, entrepreneurship, science, and technology.”

This cluster aims to assist 10 entrepreneurs during the first quarter of 2020.

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Monterrey takes the alternative (energy) route

When you look at what’s been going on in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo León, it becomes clear that launching this cluster for energy startups wasn’t just a random idea.

Rather for more than a decade, Monterrey and its surroundings have made an effort to tap into alternative energy sources. For example, in 2006, efforts began to change the energy source of the capital’s subway using electric energy generated from the gases that garbage emits. In short, using bioenergy.

And work is currently underway in Nuevo León to develop two large wind parks in the region.

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