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Contxto – Mexican startup, Dev.f, raised a pre-Series A round for US$1.4 million this month in a round led by Capital Invent.

Thanks to these funds, the startup will expand the location of its software schools. According to a press release it currently has five in Mexico. But thanks to its investors, it will jump to 30 locations distributed among 10 countries in Central and Southe America, as well as its native Mexico.

In a nutshell: a lot of escalation is in store for this software school startup.

Hacking the educational system

“We are working to develop the technology that will allow us to keep escalating while we create educational experiences that are most appropriate to the historical moment that we are living nowadays,” stated Elías Shuchleib, Dev.f’s CEO in a release.

“We want to tackle the problem of a society that is still working and living with the past education and industrial paradigm.” 

No doubt the executive was referring to the mismatch between the current educational system in Latin America and the job market’s real needs- The future calls for quality education and more developers are required particularly for the IT industry.

Correspondingly, Shuchleib, alongside entrepreneurs Manuel Morato and Enrique Díaz launched Dev.f in 2015.

Dev.f, a software school with a twist

Contxto has covered its fair share of startup schools before. But Mexican Dev.f has a different approach from most when it comes to student learning.

Much like hackathons bring together an assortment of developers, Dev.f brings together its various students to build one part of a project.

Through this methodology teamwork is encouraged between participants. In addition, it  puts their problem-solving skills and creativity to the test in order to carry out these assignments. 

But no worries, they’re not left on their own to do everything, the startup has its senseis and mentors at hand to guide students along.

In exchange, students are charged for the program they choose to participate in.

According to the startup’s website, over 3,500 people have graduated and landed jobs at hotshot companies like Google, Mercado Libre, and Amazon.

One might think that in light of coronavirus (Covid-19), in-person software schools suffer. But in Dev.f’s case, it’s launched remote classes so users can keep on learning.

Latam’s long-term need for developers will linger long after the current pandemic. 

Question is, what will be the most sought-after software skill ten years from now?

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