10 entrepreneurs from Colombia named tech and innovation ambassadors

10 Entrepreneurs From Colombia Named Tech And Innovation Ambassadors 10 Entrepreneurs From Colombia Named Tech And Innovation Ambassadors
10 entrepreneurs from colombia named tech and innovation ambassadors

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Contxto – Countries are keen on using their most famous citizens to promote their image abroad. Sometimes it’s to show they’re a culturally rich country. And on other occasions, it’s a matter of drawing foreign direct investment. And that’s just what Colombia is trying to do.

So alongside artists like Piso 21 and Sebastián Yatra, the government of Bogotá is summoning 10 well-known digital entrepreneurs as brand ambassadors.

In an announcement made by authorities last Thursday (5), some familiar-sounding names were dropped.

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Innovating through image

“Brand ambassador.”

It’s a fancy title, right? Though reading between the lines, what it means is that these entrepreneurs have been deemed representatives of Colombia to promote it from an innovative front. 

Meaning, they have the government’s good blessings to talk about initiatives used to boost the country’s economy and reshape the tech industry. It doesn’t imply they’re government officials nor can they carry out diplomatic affairs, mind you.

They’ll also be responsible for helping other entrepreneurs consolidate their business ideas and guide them along the path to funding. Not to mention scale internationally.

So who were the chosen ones? Entrepreneurs from Rappi, Platzi, Frubana, World Tech Makers, Socialatom Group, Mi Águila, Truora, Stereotheque, Torre, and Shoot My Travel.

They will be key pieces of the country’s 4.0 Industry image. And it’s all part of Bogotá’s strategy to attract foreign investment as well as push its exportations.

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Colombia wants to show its face

Under President Iván Duque’s government, the “Economía Naranja” or Orange Economy has been a key initiative to showcase Colombia as an innovative country in all things tech, design, and software development.

But adding a face (and their startups) to this project using the likes of Freddy Vega (Platzi), Valeria López (Shoot My Travel), and Felipe Villamarin (Rappi) can help make a bigger impact within the country and abroad.

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