2Morrow Sports receives a R$1.5 million investment, disrupting sports market

2morrow Sports Receives A R$1.5 Million Investment, Disrupting Sports Market 2morrow Sports Receives A R$1.5 Million Investment, Disrupting Sports Market
2morrow Sports Investment Sports Market

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Contxto – Brazilian startup 2Morrow Sports has hit a home run, landing a R$1.5 million of financing from OutField Capital, an investment fund focused on companies working in the sports arena.

2Morrow Sports offers solutions that rev up the traditional team-supporter relationship. Its proprietary platforms go the extra mile by analyzing consumer behavior using customer relationship management (CRM) software and applied data management systems.

The startup provides data analytics tools to enable sports clubs to learn what motivates their supporters. They help keep fans engaged with teams on a daily basis, not just when there’s a game on.

Co-Founder Rafael Melo notes that the investment from OutField opens a new chapter in the company’s growth. Whereas 2Morrow Sports was previously focused on the partner-supporter relationship, this new funding will allow the startup to develop tools to better enact upon the insights surmised from the data collected.

São Paulo-based Red Bull Bragantino will be the first club to pilot the new phase of the project. The energy drink-sponsored team is looking to stimulate their supporters by increasing points of contact with fans on gameday and beyond.

They will leverage 2Morrow sports’ platform to keep track of supporters, share information with them, and collect data to better serve their fanbase.

Engaged fans with customizable apps

2Morrow Sports currently helps clubs set up a customized app that acts as a direct channel to interact with their fans. It’s the swiss army knife of user management, providing clubs with two of the most crucial digital currencies: attention and data.

The app streamlines the process for supporters to check into games. Its push notifications make sure that fanatical fans are kept in the loop on crucial team stats while also promoting exclusive text and video content.

The app is gamified, offering quiz questions, answers, and rankings to prove who really is a #1 fan, keeping users engaged for hours on end.

All this data collected is integrated into a centralized hub, through which clubs can analyze their supporters’ behavior. With today’s advanced analytics tools, it isn’t hard to imagine clubs getting access to highly actionable insights that continue to lure fans into the team’s ecosystem.

The business case for 2Morrow Sports’s products is clear. Increased insights into consumer behavior translates into more targeted deployments of expensive marketing resources. 

By supercharging clubs’ abilities to attract and retain supporters on their proprietary platforms, they are able to improve the services they provide while increasing the revenue from each happy customer. A winning formula!

2morrow Sports converts fans’ passion into data

2Morrow Sports is tapping into a huge market of sports fans across Brazil and Latin America. Mastercard did a comprehensive study into the behavior of Latin American soccer fans, and the staggering stats paint a clear picture of just how important sports are to people across the region.

In Brazil, fans are tied with Mexico as the most likely in Latin America to refer to themselves as “fanatical” and are more likely than any other country to call themselves “super” fans.

In Mexico, 78 percent of fans say that they’d have no qualms about watching a game at work or school. Peruvians take this commitment to their team one step further, with 39 percent alleging that they’d be willing to miss work or school because of a major game.

It’s safe to say that sports are a big deal in the Latin American market. Advertisers understand this–it’s why they spend millions to promote their brand on every inch of any stadium. But clubs are now smartening up and are increasingly keen to get their slice of the pie.


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