Amazon launches new distribution center in Brazilian state of Pernambuco to expedite delivery

Amazon Launches New Distribution Center In Brazilian State Of Pernambuco To Expedite Delivery Amazon Launches New Distribution Center In Brazilian State Of Pernambuco To Expedite Delivery
amazon launches new distribution center in brazilian state of pernambuco to expedite delivery

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Contxto – As far as reach goes, Amazon is certainly spreading its wings throughout Latin America. Proving this, the e-commerce goliath recently launched a new distribution center in the northeastern state of Pernambuco.

To expedite delivery in northeastern Brazil, this new location in Cabo de Santo Agostinho will permit deliveries in under two days to nearby state capitals. These include Recife in Pernambuco, João Pessoa in Paraíba, Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Maceió in Alagoas, and Fortaleza in Ceará. 

All the while, this is the first facility of its kind in Brazil outside of São Paulo. Resulting from this, hundreds of new direct and indirect jobs will reportedly come to the region. Rest assured, this is exactly what state politicians intended.

“This center brings new opportunities for advancing the future of innovation and productivity, dialoguing with what we want for our state and region,” said Paulo Câmara, governor of Pernambuco. “We will be great partners with Amazon. Here, it will find a qualified workforce and the necessary conditions for the growth of their projects.”

The other Amazon in Brazil

Amazon has operated in Brazil since 2014, but it only recently got the ball rolling with its first 47,000 square-meter São Paulo distribution center. It opened in January and resulted in the direct sale of 120,000 products.

For some local executives, customer satisfaction with the first distribution center incentivized Amazon to launch a second. 

“We know our customers approved when we launched our first Distribution Center in January,” said Ricardo Pagani, Amazon Operations Director in Brazil. “Now we are offering a wider range of products, plus fast delivery. This includes informing customers at the time of purchase that they will receive their order.”

Along those lines, this is a continual work in progress, especially in terms of precision and logistics. Startups such as Loggi and Correios even collaborated with the conglomerate to streamline delivery.

“We will continue to expand our network in the northeast and the rest of Brazil to continue surprising with ever faster and more accurate delivery.”

Since 2012, Amazon has reportedly created 3,200 jobs in Brazil.

Amazon in Latin America

While Amazon is strengthening its operations in Brazil, Mexico is another country with a heavy presence of the U.S. corporation. This past summer, the company owned by Jeff Bezos inaugurated a 100,000-meter distribution center in the State of Mexico’s Tepotzotlán municipality.

Located 40 km outside of Mexico City, this space is the equivalent in size to 18 soccer fields. Based on this, it is allegedly the largest Amazon center in Latin America.

Moreover, Amazon Web Service (AWS) also recently revealed a new Amazon CloudFront Edge center in Buenos Aires. There, this space will provide low latency and high data transfer rates to AWS customers.


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