Argentine crowdfunding platform debuts in Chile

Argentine Crowdfunding Platform Debuts In Chile Argentine Crowdfunding Platform Debuts In Chile
argentine crowdfunding platform debuts in chile

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Contxto – A new startup by the name of SeSocio has arrived in Chile to offer its collective financing platform. Also known as crowdfunding, there is no minimum investment required, so anyone can participate.

Now, the Argentine website is active in five Latin American countries.

Crowdfunding alternative

Translated as “be a business partner” in Spanish, SeSocio is pioneering the evolving world of crowdfunding. 

For those unable to bootstrap, many companies resort to crowdfunding schemes to raise funds and finance projects, products or services. The methodology revolves around normal everyday internet users or aspiring investors contributing funds to companies of their liking. 

In many ways, this sort of arrangement evens the playing field for startups and investors alike. That’s to say, it provides a disruptive and inclusive model to democratize investments.

Rather than competing for VC funds, companies can appeal to a wider audience of folks wanting to invest money in admirable or worthwhile companies. On the other hand, novice investors can gain some experience while more seasoned ones can diversify their portfolio. 

“The person can enter the platform and invest their money in different projects, putting their eggs in different baskets,” says Guido Quaranta, CEO & Founder of “It is also a way of inclusion. We come to democratize investments.”

Whether it is a startup or a traditional retail business, users can invest without any minimum ticket requirements. 

“With small investments such as US$5, you can be part of the purchase of a fleet of trucks in the United States or help a startup in Chile to market its application,” added Quaranta.

Over the same crowdfunding platform is a trading market, allowing investors to negotiate their financial exits using tokens or cryptocurrencies. When it comes to liquidity, there are many options to collect your returns.

Founded three years ago, so far SeSocio has financed over 140 projects and executed more than 180,000 investments. In the process, it has raised US$20 million among partners.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News