Argentine TopicFlower and Darwoft collaborate to merge social media and AI

Argentine Topicflower And Darwoft Collaborate To Merge Social Media And Ai Argentine Topicflower And Darwoft Collaborate To Merge Social Media And Ai
argentine topicflower and darwoft collaborate to merge social media and ai

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Contxto – Two Argentine startups from Cordoba, TopicFlower and Darwoft, recently entered a strategic alliance with one another.

Together, they will blend social media monitoring with artificial intelligence. On one hand, TopicFlower creates innovative digital mechanisms to help brands amp up their digital presence.

Conversely, Darwoft develops apps, specializing in analysis, design, as well as development and testing of computer solutions. Specifically, the software factory develops “end-to-end” or “full stack” projects.

In Summary

In the end, Darwoft help partners solve the “front-send” (visual parts of a program or app) as well as the “back-end” (the programming).

Based on Darwoft’s expertise, it will bring approximately 100 of its programmers to TopicFlower. This way, it can incorporate its focus on artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning with TopicFlower’s social media efforts.

Strategic partners now intend to integrate customers while also strengthening software and collaboratively developing products. Based on reports, this isn’t creative destruction. Rather, it’s a symbiotic relationship in the making. 

“The objective of the company is not to migrate from one form of work to another business,” said Waldemar Krumrick, co-founder of Darwoft. “But to become a hybrid company that can be a software factory and sell products.” 

Following suit, Darwoft expects to improve its measurement platform for effective social media engagement thanks to TopicFlower. Therefore, it can provide better data analytics, make smarter predictions, as well as offer more suggestions to partners.


TopicFlower works in 18 countries, assisting brands with analyzing social media results. Approximately 90 percent of TopicFlower’s clients are either Mexican, Chilean, Colombian or Spanish. Recently, it also arrived in the U.S. market. 

With TopicFlower, partners can make better business decisions to boost loyalty and strengthen community relations. The unpredictable industry seems to be a leading reason behind the new pairing.

“Social Media not only does not stop but accelerates more every day,” said Esteban Rossetti, CEO and co-founder of TopicFlower. “The issue of social media is in constant reinvestment and expansion, with rules of the game of large platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, which change every day.”

Sources expect key developments of TopicPlatform’s platform with Darwoft’s assistance. These include better analysis of information, community feedback, detection of key topics, content optimization, etc. 

“We want to position ourselves as a leading product and be able to discuss at the table that these large companies have with the advertisers and tools in Mexico or the United States,” added Rossetti.

Heightened Artificial Intelligence and other tech tools will assist the companies in adapting products to partners’ needs. Over time, larger companies have started prioritizing social media operations to better gauge operations and engagement. 

“A year and a half ago, big brands began to intervene in conversations about social networks because they are a sounding board and, if the issue is left only in the hands of third parties, they lose a lot of information,” said Rossetti.

“This is why brands are requiring more analytical tools, to see the strategies agencies use for more operational issues.” 

Future plans are also in store.

Side by side, TopicFlower and Darwoft will release the full version of its product by January 2020. An intermediate version will be available this month, according to Rossetti. Ideally, the end result will allow the Argentine startups to scale while not having to alter operations as often. 

“Until now, we have been running backward to (meet) market changes,” said Rossetti. “We have enough technology to see what changes companies need and deliver a product that best suits their needs.”

Moreover, both parties visualize expanding tools such as data mining, data science and more machine learning into operations.

All in all, both also have two goals in mind: growth and consolidation in new markets. Meanwhile, the compatibility seems undeniable.

“Both companies have the same values, work contracts, management style, passion for teamwork and hunger for success,” said Rossetti. “Qualities that are more than necessary to set our sights on a promising future.”


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