BMW’s electric cars to benefit from startup Incharge’s app in Brazil

Bmw’s Electric Cars To Benefit From Startup Incharge’s App In Brazil Bmw’s Electric Cars To Benefit From Startup Incharge’s App In Brazil
bmw’s electric cars to benefit from startup incharge’s app in brazil

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Contxto – Brazilian startup Incharge is teaming up with German luxury car company, BMW. 

In an announcement made this week, the pair revealed that car owners with an electric BMWi will be able to book any car charging station via the startup’s app 30 minutes in advance. All thanks to their joint pilot project.

While no specific date was given, sources at EXAME report it’ll take place “in the coming months.”

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Charging stations with technology

Incharge is a startup from Minas Gerais that makes charging stations for electric vehicles. As part of this service, Incharge carries out the corresponding infrastructure analysis as well as their installation.

What sets it apart is that it also adds a tech component through its use of data and an app.

Incharge’s solution comes in handy prior to even reaching the station, as the app displays the nearest one. It also holds a booking feature so you can save your rechargeable slot. 

Once your car is “plugged-in,” the app shows the vehicle’s battery level. And much like a gas station’s display, the app presents the cost for charging your car. When the battery is fully powered and ready, you’ll receive a notification.

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Electric cars in Brazil

It’s not at all surprising that vehicles powered by electricity or alternative energy sources like biofuel are booming in Brazil. And with them come related solutions and startups, like Incharge.

Although this reality isn’t just a matter of market size.

The government is also setting the tone to which everyone’s moving in this electric jam.

Last February, the Commission on Constitution, Justice,  and Citizenship (CCJ for its acronym in Portuguese) approved a bill that pushes against gasoline or diesel-consuming cars. According to this proposal, only vehicles that use biofuels or electric cars are to be released in the country as of January 2030. What’s more, by 2040, almost all combustion-powered cars will be forbidden from circulating.

Make a note, that for the moment, this is only a proposal and it’s been passed onto the legislative branch’s Environment Commission (CMA, in Portuguese).

Meanwhile, the country’s President, Jair Bolsonaro is currently on a trip to the United States. And he’s on a mission to convince electric motor company Tesla, to open a Gigafactory in Brazil, as we’ve previously discussed.

Will his wooing attempts work? We’ll have to wait and see.

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