Brazil’s Sapore acquires foodtech startups Lucco Fit, Shipp, and Zaitt

Brazil's Sapore Acquires Foodtech Startups Lucco Fit, Shipp, And Zaitt Brazil's Sapore Acquires Foodtech Startups Lucco Fit, Shipp, And Zaitt
brazil’s sapore acquires foodtech startups lucco fit, shipp, and zaitt

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Contxto – Brazilian Sapore, a multinational restaurant company, is hungry for foodtechs. And no this isn’t just composition yammer. The major corporation gobbled up three Brazilian startups and announced their acquisition last Monday.

The entrée was Lucco Fit, a startup that develops healthy, frozen lunchboxes. The second course was Shipp, a delivery startup from Vitória. And to finish off its fine meal is Zaitt, an autonomous store.

The price tag on these acquisitions was undisclosed but the three companies shall remain autonomous management-wise.

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Buying out foodtech startups

Sapore wanted to add innovation to its operations and so like other well-established companies, it found the direct route was via buying startups. And each of its new acquisitions brings a separate solution and market to Sapore’s table.

First, there’s Lucco Fit, a startup that’s perfect for people who are very busy (and/or lazy) but want healthy meals. This startup from São Paulo allows users to choose the food they want from a menu, the foodtech freezes it, and then delivers it to a person’s door.

Then there’s Shipp, a startup that boasts it can deliver anything. Whether it’s from a restaurant, bar, market, anything within an hour via its app.

Something Shipp and Zaitt have in common is they were founded by the same entrepreneur, Rodrigo Miranda. 

Nonetheless, Zaitt focuses on autonomous stores. To enter such an establishment, users must download the app. As they shop, items are registered via QR code on a virtual shopping cart. Everything is checked out via the application. 

No cash, no lines, and a digitized experience. How’s that for innovation?

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Someone is still hungry

Sapore has a voracious appetite as it stated it will remain on the lookout for future startups within the ecosystem. It’s even considering the release of an investment fund for foodtech startups.

“The plan is to continue betting on companies that have a real connection to our business, food, logistics, management,” said Daniel Mendez, the President of Sapore.

Bon appetit indeed.

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