Brazilian fintech Creditas gains momentum with new headquarters in Valencia, Spain

Brazilian Fintech Creditas Gains Momentum With New Headquarters In Valencia, Spain Brazilian Fintech Creditas Gains Momentum With New Headquarters In Valencia, Spain
brazilian fintech creditas gains momentum with new headquarters in valencia, spain

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Contxto – While many Latin American startups aspire to operate at a global level, the Brazilian fintech Creditas recently found success in Valencia, Spain. Four months into operations and the company has already hired 18 employees at its new Spanish headquarters. 

Considering that the founder and CEO of Creditas is valenciano, it was only a matter of time until the Brazilian fintech went over to Sergio Furio’s home city.

Following the US$231 million SoftBank investment from July, now Furio intends to foster deeper connections between his native province and adopted home in Brazil. This means inviting Brazilian talent over.

“In addition to recruiting local talent, we are also offering opportunities for those collaborators in Brazil who wish to move to our office in Valencia,” said Furio. 

“The bridge between the two countries can improve the global vision of Spaniards and Brazilians. Valencia has become a very attractive technological pole. This is ideal for Creditas since we are at a time where we need professionals who can help us in this growth.”

Brazilian-Spanish cultural exchange 

To develop the loan platform even further, high-demand tech profiles include computer engineers, software experts, as well as developers. Really, anything falling under STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) is taking precedence. 

“The formation of technological profiles in Spain is very good,” added Furio. “I’m proud to be able to return home and form a team in the place where I was born. The support is mutual. Through job opportunities in a 100 percent digital environment, we want to value the capacity and skills of Spanish professionals while they help us grow and maintain our prestige as the main digital credit platform from Brazil.”

So far, all of the Spanish employees also interact with the Sao Paulo team. Whether through video calls, conferences, or training, both units reportedly work closely. Because of this arrangement, countries can also exchange philosophies with one another. 

“It is important that our employees in Spain feel they are part of a great team in Brazil,” said Ronaldo Marciano. He’s the new director of Creditas’ headquarters in Valencia.

“Valencia has become our technological center. So, it is essential that our employees know what the other departments are up to. This way, we are able to take advantage of synergies and be more efficient and effective.” 

Fintech success

Creditas has appeared quite a bit on Contxto throughout the months. With its SoftBank round, its valuation reached US$750 million post-money. More people have also steadily started applying for loans over the platform. For example, the fintech processed 800,000 applications during the first half of the year. 

Upon closer speculation, this translated to a 230 percent increase from the same period in 2018. Perhaps exponential growth was always in the cards for Creditas.

For 2020, the startup’s goal is to triple sales and increase the workforce by 50 percent. Interested in applying to Creditas? Check out the current postings here.


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