Brazilian Kenoby raises US$4.9 million to give HR some AI tech

Brazilian Kenoby Raises Us$4.9 Million To Give Hr Some Ai Tech Brazilian Kenoby Raises Us$4.9 Million To Give Hr Some Ai Tech
brazilian kenoby raises us$4.9 million to give hr some ai tech

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ContxtoKenoby, the Brazilian HR startup can kick its recruitment technology into high gear as it’s recently closed an investment for R$20 million (about US$4.9 million) through Astella Investimentos.

Prior to this event, it had already raised R$4 million (over US$977,000) in seed investments.

Kenoby reports that these recent funds shall be used to improve its products through artificial intelligence (AI) as well as increase its current team of 100 people to 300 within the next two years. Moreover, the startup expects to double its sales in 2020.

Recruitment with technology

Former headhunter Marcel Lotufo co-founded Kenoby in 2015. And thanks to the startup’s platform, human resources can automate multiple tasks related to finding and reviewing candidates. Among its features are dashboards and filters to offer a more seamless process for companies to find the best fit for their team.

And thus far Kenoby has landed over 450 customers among which are Loggi and McDonalds.

Albeit the startup is now looking into adding a zest of artificial intelligence (AI) to its platform for the initial phase of a candidate’s screening process. Meanwhile, the interviews and tests are left for later.

What Lotufo states will be key is keeping its screening algorithm bias-free.

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Generic names and bias? So uncivilized

Two refreshing things I’d like to highlight here:

Firstly, the name, Kenoby—a “teacher” that will show you the way of the (work) Force. Ha! Whether the naming was intentional or not isn’t certain. But founders, it’s fantastic and important you give your startup’s name a lot of thought. If it tells a story, like this one does, you’re on the right track. 

And second, tackling bias. This is the first HR startup I’ve personally run into whose CEO mentions the importance of tackling bias in their technology. So kudos to the Kenoby team.

But more importantly, this allows me to close with a beaut of a quote:

“Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”

ObiWan Kenobi

So let’s ease up on prejudice to really see the opportunities and weaknesses within our own workforce, businesses, and lives.

I bet you thought I’d end with a “You were the chosen one” meme, huh?

Brazilian Kenoby Raises Us.9 Million To Give Hr Some Ai Tech

Stop being so biased.


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