Brazilian logistics startup Cobli raises US$10 million Series A to scale fleet monitoring

Brazilian Logistics Startup Cobli Raises Us$10 Million Series A To Scale Fleet Monitoring Brazilian Logistics Startup Cobli Raises Us$10 Million Series A To Scale Fleet Monitoring
brazilian logistics startup cobli raises us$10 million series a to scale fleet monitoring

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Contxto – The fleet management solution, Cobli from Brazil, recently wrapped up a Series A worth US$10 million led by Fifth Wall Ventures. Accompanying funds included Valor Capital Group, NXTP Ventures, as well as individual investors.

Forging ahead, the new capital will reportedly go towards improving Cobli’s fleet and staff productivity by 27 percent. This will include doubling its employees in departments such as software, data science, electrical engineering, customer success, in addition to partnerships. 

More so, the company also aspires to send real-time data pertaining to vehicle temperature to increase monitoring precision. 

Fleet tracking

Cobli is the latest Brazilian commercial logistics provider to attract major investments. Since its founding two and a half years ago, this São Paulo-based startup has raised US$17 million worth of funds. 

Functioning as a B2B with its integrated enterprise vehicle management solution, Cobli develops IoT tracking technology for corporate fleets. With its solution, the technology allows partners to monitor fleet vehicles in real-time. 

Brazilian Logistics Startup Cobli Raises Us Million Series A To Scale Fleet Monitoring
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“The Cobli system is based on IoT and works through sensors that track the vehicles’ movement, location and interactions with the environment and clients,” said founder Parker Treacy, a U.S. mathematician.

Equipped with Cobi’s IoT device, partners can access data involving everything from current whereabouts, trajectory, not to mention vehicle condition. 

By installing sensors, cars essentially become “intelligent” and trackable. This service currently operates in 100 Brazilian cities. From this, smaller companies can better retain their competitive edge. 

“Our solution allows smaller companies to compete against the big names in the market,” said Treacy. “The faster a logistics company adopts smart, the better it can compete.”


In the end, partners ultimately gain more control over field operations with the software. Everything from idle engine time, fuel consumption, vehicle stops and routes, as well as speeding, are traceable through Cobli. 

For example, to save fuel and time, partners can optimize routes to support drivers spending less time on the road. At the same time, driving reports can also be generated to ensure that operators aren’t driving recklessly or wasting resources.

Moreover, this technology can discern how fast drivers are going due to speed alerts. In this sense, Cobli ultimately helps partners keep employees accountable for their actions. Even better, the tracking device doesn’t require any mechanical skills for installation. Rather, it plugs into vehicles as if it were a USB stick.

Ultimately, data analytics allow clients to minimalize costs, improve delivery times, not to mention streamline processes.


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