Brazilian sales engagement news results in marriage of Exact Sales and Resultys

Brazilian Sales Engagement News Results In Marriage Of Exact Sales And Resultys Brazilian Sales Engagement News Results In Marriage Of Exact Sales And Resultys
brazilian sales engagement news results in marriage of exact sales and resultys

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Contxto – Can you hear the wedding bells? It is the result of a sales engagement between Brazilian SaaS (Software as a Service) company, Exact Sales, and Resultys, said a recent announcement of the acquisition.

As its first acquisition, Exact Sales will incorporate Resultys’ Big Data features into its marketing platform. It will be called Exact Spotter. The incorporation should allow salespeople better filter, target, and pursue viable customers. 

This comes two months after Exact Sales raised over US$3.6 million for its developing “pre-sales” technology.

But, what’s the end result, you may ask? Well, higher sales conversions, of course!

Big Data means big earnings 

First, let me backtrack. Based in Florianópolis, Exact Sales has gained some notoriety for its pre-sales software since it began in 2015. As a cloud-based app, the platform allows salespeople to effectively filter, guide, and monitor interactions with potential customers. As of today, it is used by over 2,000 Brazilian companies.

With this comes solid lead generation, automated data-driven actions, among other features, to increase the probability of landing a sale. Even more, leveraging large databases will presumably result in smoother operation.

The creation of Exact Spotter from guzzling Resulty’s database means “more agility and efficiency in prospecting potential customers,” says Théo Orosco, co-founder and CEO of Exact Sales, in a press release. He may well be right since, when it comes to the information economy, we’re talking economies of scale. Hence the “Big” in “Big Data”.

“Having our own public data collection tool, working in conjunction with our artificial intelligence technologies is an important step in establishing ourselves as industry leaders in Latin America”, concludes Mr Orosco.

Name change for the game change

On the other side of this equation is Resultys, originally from Goiânia and proficient in big data analytics. Truth be told, it has been in bed with Exact Sales as a partner since 2017. One of its strong suits includes data collection from public databases. It is also part of Ace Startups’ investment portfolio. 

Having made his living data for a large number of companies in Brazil, Resultys’ CEO can look forward to becoming a permanent part of Exact Sales. Moreover, Resultys can heave a sigh of relief, since it is being incorporated wholesale into its new parent company to keep doing what it does best—so consider Resultys to be Exact Spotter’s maiden name.

“The complementarity between the two platforms was evident in these two years of partnership,” said Ivan Gonçalves, Resultys’ CEO, in a recent press release. “We believe this synergy will help Exact Spotter users find the right customers for their products and services more effectively.”

If these peppy press-releases are anything to go by, this seems like a happy marriage in the world of sales engagement. At least as long as the honeymoon lasts.


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