Chilean startup Mesón de la Oca develops sourdough powder using biotechnology

This is the first powdered sourdough developed in Latin America using biotechnology.
Meson de la Oca-Chile-Masa Madre Meson de la Oca-Chile-Masa Madre

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The Chilean startup Mesón de la Oca has demonstrated its innovative capability by developing the first sourdough powder in Chile and Latin America. They have created a versatile product that can be used domestically and industrially using biotechnology and controlled processes.

One of the co-founders of this foodtech, Cristóbal Montes de Oca, researched the origin of foods for a long time to understand and analyze their chemical composition. His goal was to simplify and democratize access to natural gastronomy through innovation.

The sourdough powder was developed using biotechnology and is produced through a rigorously controlled and standardized process. This process involves the fermentation of flour and the multiplication of natural enzymes, various strains of yeasts, and bacteria. Subsequently, the mixture undergoes an innovative dehydration process, allowing the concentration of all these microorganisms.

The CEO of Mesón de la Oca has mentioned that they are working on various product innovations. This includes creating a custard cream with probiotics, a fat substitute based on proteins, including one found in breast milk, and an aerator for cakes that replace the egg.

Mesón de la Oca’s sourdough powder is intended for end consumers, the food industry, and businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and cafés. It is offered in a box format with 10 sachets, and each can yield 6 kilos of bread.

The product MM-750 is also available in a 1-kilo format for the industry. The main goal is to facilitate the making of bread and bakery products through simple and fast fermentation processes; plus, these products have a prolonged shelf life.

Such proposals continue to strengthen the foodtech sector in the region; as in a 2022 report by Endeavor and Pepsico, an increase in investment over the last decade is reflected, totaling USD $1.7 billion in 206 capital rounds. In fact, the years 2020 and 2021 represent 64% of all the capital invested in the sector since 2011.

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