Colombian startup, Laika, will expand pet platform to Mexico

Colombian Startup, Laika, Will Expand Pet Platform To Mexico Colombian Startup, Laika, Will Expand Pet Platform To Mexico
colombian startup, laika, will expand pet platform to mexico

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Contxto – Colombian platform for pets, LAIKA, is reaching for new horizons both at home and abroad. 

The startup’s Co-founder, Manuela Sánchez, recently stated the company will be extending its presence in its native country. During the first half of 2020, LAIKA shall expand into the city of Cali. 

In addition, LAIKA is going international, as the platform will soon be available in Mexico City during the first quarter of the year. Based on how the startup fares there, it may expand into other parts of Mexico, possibly Monterrey, Ecatepec, or Tijuana.

And, there are plans to open in another Latin American country during the second half of the year. But leadership at the startup has yet to decide where.

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Startup’s sales fuels growth plans

Apparently, 2019 was a good year for LAIKA

“We quadrupled in size in comparison to 2018,” said Sánchez, “both in billing and in the number of users. In 2018 we had 20,000 users and we closed 2019 with 80,000.” 

Correspondingly, with its new markets in mind, LAIKA wants to quadruple its sales numbers this year to reach 300,000 orders.

At the moment, the site for buying goodies for your doggy and feline friends delivers to four Colombian cities: Bogotá, Chía, Cajicá, and Medellín. 

Of these places, Sánchez will be making an extra effort in the capital and Medellín to consolidate LAIKA’s foothold there.

The future of pet care

Looking forward, the future of caring for pets can be found in current consumer and tech trends for humans. 

What do I mean by this?

Simple, as people, we’re increasingly interested in buying eco-friendly goods or items produced in an ethical way. Just the same, these preferences will seep into the kind of items we buy for our pets.

Just the same, I expect to be writing soon about how pet startups are developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to better understand our furry companions. For example, owners might receive customized recommendations as to what food or toys they might like, identify diseases, to name a few.

Still, I don’t think there’s any tech out there that will convince my cat to abandoned her cozy cardboard box.

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