CondoConta achieves USD$5.8 million investment round

CondoConta, a fintech specialized in providing financial services for condominium communities, obtained an additional funding injection of USD$5.8 million from EXT Capital.

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The Brazilian fintech company CondoConta, which specializes in providing exclusive financial services to condominium communities, has secured an additional injection of funds totaling approximately USD 5.8 million from EXT Capital.

This new capital will be allocated to strengthening the company’s loan division, enabling more significant financial support to condominiums in various locations across Brazil.

CondoConta has handled around USD $ 96 million in transactions and serves approximately 3,000 condominium communities as clients throughout the country.

“We are experiencing the best moment for CondoConta. The investment is fuel for even greater advancements in our innovations and experiences with condominium residents,” stated Rodrigo Della Rocca, CEO and co-founder.

The company offers these condominiums a diversified range of financial services, including bank accounts, financing, and expense management.

Established in 2017 to address the specific financial needs of condominiums, CondoConta has created a digital platform that enables condominium communities to manage their financial resources efficiently and transparently.

EXT Capital’s recent investment represents significant backing for the future potential of CondoConta. The company is well-positioned to continue its expansion and growth in Brazil.

Entrepreneurship Growth in LATAM

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Kavak is the most valuable unicorn in Latin America.

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