Deliveries double for Vueltap, but it’s ready for more

Deliveries Double For Vueltap, But It’s Ready For More Deliveries Double For Vueltap, But It’s Ready For More
deliveries double for vueltap, but it’s ready for more

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Contxto – A Colombian logistics startup getting a surge in deliveries is Vueltap. The startup stated yesterday (19) that the number of package deliveries it’s been making on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has doubled within a week.

As previously discussed, its delivery service isn’t in the food business. Rather Vueltap helps users who run an e-commerce business get their goods delivered quickly through its tech and system of delivery partners.

Can you guess as to the reasons why business is up for Vueltap? Come on, guess.

Yep, corona-frigging-virus.

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Business as usual for Vueltap? Not quite

The startup’s Co-founder and CEO, Camilo Arango, stated that Vueltap is currently managing an average of 3,000 daily trips. That translates to a 200 percent increase, and despite the jump, they aren’t overloaded with work and that’s thanks to its product and strategy.

Vueltap’s system and delivery platform rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the couriers’ routes so they find the most efficient option. 

Strategy-wise, the startup reports having two advantages.

The first is related to its AI tech. Since its system can optimize routes, Vueltap’s independent delivery peeps can handle multiple deliveries at once. And that’s because the system maps out the route to carry up to four packages in a single go, as opposed to one by one deliveries.

Its second strategy revolves around its warehouses which are distributed along these delivery routes. In them, the startup keeps its customers’ goods. So when an order is placed, the warehouse may be located closer to the buyer and getting the parcel to them is much faster. 

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Fundraising for 2020

This startup will be busy in the coming months. Besides running deliveries in Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and Medellín amidst the pandemic the startup also has other things in store.

It’s looking to raise an investment somewhere between US$4 and US$6 million to continue developing its warehouse network.

Vueltap previously told Contxto it may expand into Peru and Chile in 2020. So it’ll be interesting to see how those plans merge with its fundraising efforts.

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