Pandemic layoffs? Puh-lease, this startup created 800 job openings

Pandemic Layoffs? Puh-lease, This Startup Created 800 Job Openings Pandemic Layoffs? Puh-lease, This Startup Created 800 Job Openings
pandemic layoffs? puh-lease, this startup created 800 job openings

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Contxto – When the economy is running smoothly, it’s unusual to write about continuous layoffs. And at the moment the global economy is not in it’s best moment, so a lot of things have been turned upside down. Thus, in this topsy-turvy scenario, layoffs are the norm and new job openings, the exception.

For which Brazilian startup JobHome is proving to be one of these exceptional cases. Rather than firing employees, this week it announced it had created 800 job openings. The secret behind this is the fact that the startup works as a remote call center.

Meaning, its phone agents are not physically present within the same building. But rather they’re dispersed and work from the comfort of their home. It’s the right service fit for our pandemic-plagued world.

JobHome is all about working from home (duh)

Entrepreneurs Ricardo Galdino and Geraldo Brasil launched JobHome in 2017. At the time, their reasoning to offer call center services at a distance was due to the rising trend of remote work.

Although now it’s not so much an optional trend but rather a requirement courtesy of coronavirus (Covid-19).

In any case, the startup developed cloud-based software that manages agents and projects at a distance. Companies may have been initially reluctant to accept remote phone services for security-related reasons, but Covid-19 is forcing them to change their minds.

And it’s this turnabout that’s led JobHome to create these 800 jobs.

Furthermore, to provide its customers some reassurance as to its security protocols, JobHome is careful about its hirings and states to have the corresponding software in place to ensure protection.

This dude back in 2016 saw the remote work wave coming in and gave a TED Talk worth a listen:

Remote workers are happy workers?

The startup assures businesses it can offer higher quality service because its operators work at a distance. Consequently, phone agents are more motivated and productive due to less stress since they don’t commute. Not to mention these operators save money on clothing and food. Not to mention more time on their hands for themselves or to spend time with the fam.

Who wouldn’t be happy with those perks? 

Although, startups that work under this modality must be dutiful to ensure team integration, even if it’s at a distance. Otherwise, burnout, overwork, and loneliness take over. As I’m sure many businesses have come to realize as of late.

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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News