At last! Devopsdays is coming to Guadalajara, Mexico

At Last! Devopsdays Is Coming To Guadalajara, Mexico At Last! Devopsdays Is Coming To Guadalajara, Mexico
at last! devopsdays is coming to guadalajara, mexico

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Contxto – Admirers of DevOps that live in Guadalajara (or the surrounding areas) are in for a real treat next month. Devopsdays is coming to Mexico for the first time and is set to take place in this tapatío city. 

Save the date for February 20 and 21, because many pros related to DevOps, as well as marketing masters and management leaders will gather.

And here’s the best part: it’s a single-track event. Meaning you won’t miss out on anything since there will be no simultaneous conferences.


A lot of crème de la crème in software shall be in attendance. Some big names include:

  • Sasha Rosenbaum, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for its Azure DevOps engineering team.
  • Mike Rosado, who after 24 years at Microsoft as of 2014 has dedicated his know-how to DevOps and is a big rep for this community in the United States and Latin America.
  • Liz Fong-Jones specializes in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and has provided her insights to build reliable software at Google. She’s also an advocate of work ethics, a topic that’s growing in importance in the IT industry.
  • Franchesco Romero is known at Wizeline and its related events as a champion of DevOps.

If you want to learn more, check out this page.

Community building

IT and product development are growing fields of professionals. And because collaboration is key to achieving the best result possible, these pros have taken to building communities to discuss and discern methodologies such as Agile, Design Thinking, and of course, DevOps. 

And the chance to hear useful ideas and tips is always a welcome one.

Nonetheless, what’s interesting to see in this case is the location that’s been chosen. 

Guadalajara is home to various startups we’ve covered before. The city also hosts the manufacturing plants of some global software and hardware companies like HP and Flex. Not to mention its growing developer and product design communities. 

Consequently, holding an international event such as DevOps is a symptom of the growing relevance of this part of Mexico in the field of IT.

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