LATAM startups selected for CIC International Soft Landing

The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), in partnership with ProChile, announced the eight startups specialized in Healthtech (technology and health) that will be part of the CIC International Soft Landing program.
The CIC and ProChile announced the Healthtech startups that will be part of the CIC International Soft Landing program. The CIC and ProChile announced the Healthtech startups that will be part of the CIC International Soft Landing program.

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The Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), a global leader in establishing and operating innovation environments, in partnership with ProChile, announced the eight healthtech startups that will be part of the CIC International Soft Landing program.

The purpose of this program is to support the selected startups in their internationalization and expansion of their business propositions in the United States.

Established in 2016, this program offers new companies and startups a practical and cultural understanding of business in the United States through a six-week online training.

This training will give startups the tools necessary to expand their operations abroad.

The call for applications emerged from a collaboration between both organizations. It will allow the founders of the selected companies to access a soft landing training that will take place from late September to November.

Alejandra Winter, Director of Soft Landing at CIC, explains that this program, created in 2016, has a significant focus on Latin America and Chile, as it provides startups with a practical and cultural understanding of business in the United States.

During the online training, participating startups will have access to various training sessions covering various topics, including the healthcare technology sector landscape in the United States.

They will also learn about the differences between the Chilean and American markets, the healthtech ecosystem, and key players in Miami, as well as mentorship regulatory compliance insights.

“We live in a globalized and digitalized economy, where technology-based products and services are increasing internationally. In this context, Chile has an innovative healthcare industry that addresses global health challenges and opportunities with rapidly scalable, unique, and creative solutions,” said Claudia Serrer, Trade Commissioner Southeast USA ProChile.

Additionally, they can refine their proposal presentation skills and present to a group of experts.


Companies selected for CIC International Soft Landing:

Carolina Chavez, co-founder and CEO of Plan 3D: This startup aims to support educators and students through a new generation of clinical simulators physical reproductions of the human body that offer a realistic, reusable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly experience.

Daniel Ortúzar, founder of Bitua: A startup that uses artificial intelligence, RFID, and computer vision to optimize medical inventory management, improving efficiency and resource availability in healthcare facilities and transforming how they handle supplies and surgical garments.

Javier Castro, co-founder and CPO of Arcomedlab: Manufactures custom craniofacial implants using 3D/4D printing of medical-grade PEEK and is in the final stage of FDA certification after performing over 600 implants in Chile and Latin America.

Caroline Crooke, business development at Cratus: Focuses on creating innovative sports products with built-in technology. One of their devices, Trainlight, is designed to work in cognitive rehabilitation cases of brain function impairment due to injuries or illnesses.

Martín Cruz, co-founder and CEO of Keiron: A healthcare startup seeking to improve hospital and medical center management through a modular platform that optimizes sales and client occupancy using omnichannel technologies.

Luis Meneses, physician at mmrad: This company is entirely focused on the intersection of Information Technology and Medicine, with 16 years of experience in clinical management software development, emphasizing specialties. Their team comprises healthcare professionals and development engineers specializing in interoperability and clinical care.

Guillermo Guevara, managing partner at QClass: Provides modular construction systems for clean areas used in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical production, and research. These systems are quickly installed, facilitating the sanitation of critical patient-related infrastructure areas.

Matías Garafulic, CCO of Laboratorio Kasem: This emerging laboratory develops first aid products that provide an effective solution against chemical spills, meeting the highest safety standards in the market.

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