Exact Sales lands over US$3.6 million to scale its pre-sales platform

Exact Sales Lands Over Us$3.6 Million To Scale Its Pre-sales Platform Exact Sales Lands Over Us$3.6 Million To Scale Its Pre-sales Platform
exact sales lands over us$3.6 million to scale its pre-sales platform

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Contxto – To enhance its “pre-sales” platform for effective lead generation, the Brazilian SaaS Exact Sales recently received a cash injection of R$15 million (over US$3.6 million) from investors.

Led by Astella Investimentos, this is the third Brazilian SaaS to enter its portfolio, others being Resultados Digitais and Omie. The company revealed the big news at the B2B Sales Summit 2019 on October 17 in São Paulo.

With the new capital, Exact Sales plans to add new features to increase productivity and data intelligence for clients. This will involve expanding its pre-sales platform, Exact Spotter.

Pre-sales platform

Ultimately, Exact Sales hopes to consolidate its position as a preeminent tech provider in Latin America with its pre-sales platform, Exact Spotter. More than 2,000 companies and 7,000 individuals use the software to strategically acquire potential customers. 

As a cloud-based application, the software is capable of guiding as well as monitoring interactions with prospective customers. Besides increasing lead generation among salespeople, it also automatically suggests data-based actions for the user to augment the chances of landing a sale.

Partners can then improve sales conversation rates, not to mention boost sales volumes. In the end, this technology also lowers costs and average closing time for sales agents. According to the company, this combination provides a greater conversion of business meetings into bonafide deals.

“We diagnosed that the main reason for the low conversion from meetings to successfully closing a deal was the lack of prior customer understanding,” according to co-founder Théo Orosco in a recent press release. He launched the company in 2015 with Felipe Roman.

“Companies needed to know more before offering a solution, only then would they be able to qualify customers and adjust the offer, leading to much higher sales conversions.”

Pre-sales methodology

Because of this solution, Exact Sales has reportedly popularized its pre-sales methodology throughout various industries. Some of these include retail, service, technology and education. 

Proving its effectiveness, Exact Sales has even launched an “Exact Academy” unit to serve as an education training platform. Today, more than 80 professionals a month use this program offering pre-sales best practices, which improves employability. 

Over the past five years, Exact Sales has raised R$21 million (over US$5.1 million) and started to manage 200 employees. Astella now accompanies CVentures, Vesper Ventures and other angel investors as shareholders for the startup. 

“Exact Sales brings intelligence and automation to pre-sales departments, a part of the sales funnel that was not yet attended by marketing nor sales automation tools,” said Laura Constantini, partner and co-founder of Astella Investimentos. 

“By strengthening the pre-sales role, the whole process becomes more efficient. Over the past four years, Exact Sales has built an impressive product, created strong sales processes and achieved high customer success, with a focused and agile team that also shows tremendous learning agility.”

Among Exact Sales’ customers are SAP, Thomson Reuters, Philips, Unimed, Hiper, Sebrae, Engie, Estadão, among many others. In terms of revenue, Exact Sales will reportedly generate R$13 million this year. 


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