Fit Home Pro brings the gym to your door

Fit Home Pro Brings The Gym To Your Door Fit Home Pro Brings The Gym To Your Door
fit home pro brings the gym to your door

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Contxto – To stay fit as they self-isolate, users around the world have turned to at-home workouts. But there’s likely more than one person out there who misses the equipment from their local gym. 

So rather than buying the weights and resistance bands, startup Fit Home Pro lets users register and rent the equipment through an online platform. Moreover, the startup completely handles the logistics of picking up and dropping off the gear. Based in Colombia, Fit Home Pro recently expanded into Mexico.

Fit Home Pro has a fit for everyone

As anyone with an at-home gym can attest, as you progress, you need to add more weight to keep building resistance. That entails the expense of buying additional equipment and it taking up more room in your closet.

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Instead, Fit Home Pro wants users to rent this gear through its platform. People can customize their fitness kit or “Box,” by specifying the equipment they want in it, as well as the amount of weight with which they want to work. To add more flexibility to these services, the startup’s rental plans let users acquire the equipment on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. 

The equipment is then packed and shipped to your door and picked up once the rental period is over. Fit Home Pro says its gear is disinfected after every rental.

The startup intends to eventually offer a complete at-home experience. So besides renting out gym equipment, it will also launch a coaching service as well as personalized nutritional plans. After all, abs are made in the kitchen.

Back to the gym? Not so fast

Gyms and fitness centers will easily be among the last of locations to reopen in Latin America. Because of all the blood, sweat, and tears gym rats produce, these places are perfect for catching Covid-19. 

And even when they do reopen, it will be a gradual process muddled with plenty of safety measures that are sure to make it a less enjoyable (and risky) experience for users.

If anything, keep experimenting to find a workout you enjoy at home. After all, what’s the point in being fit by going to the gym (or outside) if you’re exposing your health anyway?

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