Get on Board launches tools to save HR recruiters time

Get On Board Launches Tools To Save Hr Recruiters Time Get On Board Launches Tools To Save Hr Recruiters Time
get on board launches tools to save hr recruiters time

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Contxto – Despite access to tools like LinkedIn or online platforms, a lot of the recruitment process or even doing a simple job search is still a very manual process. Factor in that businesses and candidates’ needs are constantly changing and recruiters face more challenges than ever. 

But in the face of adversity, there’s always an opportunity for startups. Chilean Get on Board recently shared with Contxto some of the more permeating trends in HR and how its product—a platform specializing in recruiting professionals in tech and IT—can help.

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(Ethical) job automation through information

When one hears “automation” in HR, usually the first thing that comes to mind is Amazon’s failed experiment using AI to hire staff. But machine learning isn’t the path Get on Board chose to reduce manual processes in recruiting. 

Its platform simply gathers the data and presents it for recruiters or job seekers in a cohesive way.

When an individual builds their profile on the startup’s platform, they’re adding their information to Get on Board’s database for recruiters to see. Likewise, whenever a role is posted that may match their interests, this information is shown on their own dashboard.

And users don’t have to fill out the same form a dozen times when applying for different companies on the platform. 

Sergio Nouvel, CEO and co-Founder at Get on Board says they need to complete a form just once. If a recruiter from any company likes what they saw, they’ll contact them.

The platform also lets businesses receive feedback from users. That way, it can better understand why it has a bad or good rep and then act accordingly.

The search for tech talent

It’s no secret that tech talent is highly coveted, pandemic or not. And with the world more quickly embracing digital solutions thanks to Covid-19, developers will continue to be in demand.

However, programming comes in many languages and flavors. So it’s not so simple.

That’s also why Get on Board recently launched “Concierge”. This service specializes in quickly identifying certain profiles: back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers. Uncoincidentally, these roles are the most sought-after positions among companies.

After summoning the “Concierge” to hunt down these programmers, it can draw up a shortlist of candidates in one week, said Nouvel. Thus putting the recruitment cycle on speed. 

The co-Founder explained that this feature is fast because it soaks in and proactively filters profiles from Get on Board’s database. Because it already has this information built up, it saves recruiters time from having to jump from one platform to another or stalking people on LinkedIn.

Concierge was officially launched in July to some companies and more job roles may be added depending on market response. 

Remote work

At the moment, Get on Board has focused on Spanish-speaking Latin America. Nonetheless, it’s also been approached by startups from the United States looking for remote tech talent in Latam.

Considering the time zones between the US and the Latam region can easily line up, it’s an opportunity for these companies to access talent pools that are more inexpensive.

Undoubtedly remote work is erasing the limits of physical office space to bring tech talent to more parts of the globe. This helps explain why Get on Board doesn’t discard eventually launching its platform into the US and Brazil. 

Further down the line, it may deploy additional services like remote interviews via video conferencing.

Finding the right (cultural) fit

Get on Board also recently launched a cultural-fit test.

Based on a person’s personality, it can classify them into one of five categories:

Get On Board Launches Tools To Save Hr Recruiters Time
Users can take the test (for free) to understand whether they would fit with a company’s work culture.

It’s not your Buzzfeed-type deal either. 

For companies, it’s increasingly important to determine that a job candidate will mesh with its work culture. Moreover, Get on Board’s CEO explained that it’s equally important that businesses build diverse teams with varying profiles. As a result, they’ll balance each other out and managers get the best output possible.

For example, if you have too many Hustler-type personalities on a team, you may have high levels of productivity. But this may also (unwittingly) build a cutthroat culture of “winning at all costs.” So recruiters should consider balancing it with other profiles.

At the moment, this test is only available for job seekers. However, Get on Board plans to launch an equivalent for companies. Through this feature, businesses can showcase just what their values and modus operandi are like for potential employees.

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