GetNinjas reaches 10,000 providers in Mexico, 1 million in Brazil, announces new services

Getninjas Reaches 10,000 Providers In Mexico, 1 Million In Brazil, Announces New Services Getninjas Reaches 10,000 Providers In Mexico, 1 Million In Brazil, Announces New Services
getninjas reaches 10,000 providers in mexico, 1 million in brazil, announces new services

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Contxto – While Craiglist used to be a go-to resource for job seekers, that’s not the case anymore with platforms like GetNinjas.

The Brazilian platform for modern workers continues to grow at astonishingly fast rates, securing 10,000 suppliers in Mexico as well as securing 1 million in its native market, according to a recent press release.

Along the same lines, it has also revealed new services in Mexico expected to premiere by the end of the year.

On-demand home improvement

GetNinjas is a platform allowing shoppers to find and hire experts from a variety of trade backgrounds. Whether it be plumbing, interior painting or carpentry, users hire help for home-related tasks.

On the other hand, the platform has become a viable resource to secure employment. All of the workers are experts in some sort of professional trades who charge their own rates. 

Regardless of whether this a side-gig or full-time career, providers have plenty of opportunities to secure new gigs through GetNinjas. 

Eduardo L’Hotellier founded the company in 2011 when he had a difficult time hiring a reliable painter. Part of his solution involved creating this platform to unify the often fragmented “odd job” industry. 

“In times where you can order food from your mobile, find accommodation on the other side of the world, and even buy a car online, it is surprising how hiring a carpenter or a plumber was considered unattractive,” said L’Hotellier.  

Since the founding, GetNinjas has grown to handle over 3 million job requests per year. It has also proven to have a viable business model. For example, it doesn’t charge a commission on jobs. Rather, it charges the workers a fee to receive customers’ contact information.

Over time, it has generated over US$500 million in revenue among more than 1 million registered skilled laborers in Brazil. Known as “ninjas,” these professionals can negotiate their own schedules and prices.

GetNinjas in Mexico 

While GetNinjas began in 2011, it arrived in Mexico last November. Steadily growing, over 10,000 workers have joined to reach more customers in a reliable transparent way. This way, folks proficient in home improvement can earn a more liveable income.

According to a recent press release, Mexican users have earned a collective amount of 20 million pesos through the app. Just in terms of the industry alone, the potential is massive. 

“The value of this segment in Mexico is estimated at 650 billion pesos, and it has enormous growth potential since most of the contracts are still offline,” said L’Hotellier.

Based on the numbers from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, Mexico has approximately 14 million self-employed workers. An estimated 5 million dedicate themselves to carpentry, plumbing, blacksmithing, electricity, masonry or blacksmithing.

“With GetNinjas, what we are looking for is to give workers a marketplace where they can reach more customers, linking them directly with the end-users of their services,” said L’Hotellier. 

“In turn, we want to give users a platform where they can find just the professional they need, with the assurance that they are hiring an expert on the subject, both parties benefit.”

New categories

Not only does GetNinjas provide economic incentives but also social impact. This is especially apparent in its new offerings over the app in Mexico.

Some of these include electronics technicians, tutoring, automotive services, legal consultants, domestic work and health professionals. They will reportedly be available by the last quarter of the year. 

GetNinjas on Rappi

Earlier this year in February, sources also revealed that GetNinjas’ growing inventory of services is also available over the Rappi platform. The hiring format is reportedly identical to the original where customers fill out an order form stating the type of service they need.

Once the ad has been made, then the professional contacts the customer via telephone or WhatsApp to negotiate a rate. In the end, it’s up to the buyer who lands the gig. Ultimately, this model ensures that GetNinjaas provides reliable income to independent contractors.

“The ultimate goal of GetNinjas is to represent most of the income of all freelance and small business professionals in the world,” said L’Hotellier. 

“We are closer to reaching our goal each year. The services market is huge and there is still much to be explored, especially in Brazil. This partnership with Rappi is one of our efforts in this direction.”

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