Global66 Launches Smart Card for Multicurrency Transactions

The Chilean fintech introduces card for seamless foreign payments, supporting eight currencies without exchange fees.
Global66 Launches Smart Card For Multicurrency Transactions
Global66 Launches Smart Card For Multicurrency Transactions

Global66, a digital international remittance platform, has upgraded its offering with the Global66 Smart Card, enabling users to conduct transactions in up to eight different currencies directly from the corresponding currency account, eliminating exchange fees and enhancing global purchasing experiences.

María José Artacho, Country Manager for Global66 in Peru, describes the card as a “financial passport,” allowing users to save and spend in the currency of their travel destination, ranging from euros in Paris to dollars in New York, and pesos in Bogota, all from one card.

The Global66 Smart Card positions itself as a vital tool for globetrotters, students, freelancers, and anyone frequently engaging in international transactions, providing enhanced security and efficient money management from a single source.

Artacho highlights the card’s benefits for Peruvian users, offering the flexibility to manage finances securely across multiple currencies, whether for travel, study, or frequent foreign transactions.

Moreover, the smart card’s currency conversion and saving feature allows users to purchase foreign currencies at optimal rates, ensuring favorable exchange rates and improved financial returns.

This innovation by Global66 aims to offer users the freedom to explore the world without financial constraints, making it an indispensable tool for those regularly involved in international financial activities.

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