10 startups to enter Google’s accelerator program in Brazil

10 Startups To Enter Google’s Accelerator Program In Brazil 10 Startups To Enter Google’s Accelerator Program In Brazil
10 startups to enter google’s accelerator program in brazil

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Contxto – Google for Startups Accelerator (previously dubbed Google Launchpad Accelerator) in Brazil has announced the 10 startups for its 5th cohort. 

As of last Monday (13), those chosen will participate in the program’s first-ever remote edition. For a three month term, they’ll receive mentoring and tap into the accelerator’s network of previous participants. Not to mention receive support from Google’s own experts and partnering companies.

Google goes remote to accelerate startups

The 10 startups share a few common traits. Off the bat they work with cloud-based technology or machine learning. Second, they’ve already developed a product but “still face specific obstacles.”

Organizers state this will be an interesting experiment to see how remote acceleration plays out. In the future it may even adopt a semi-remote format. No doubt they can connect program participants with more mentors and specialists via videoconferencing.

Without further ado, here is Google for Startups’ 5th cohort:


Bots on websites and applications require large datasets to effectively interact with users. Nonetheless, accessing those seas of information isn’t easy. Often large businesses sit on hoards of data cutting smaller players (like startups) out. Correspondingly, Bothub offers an open source platform where users can share data and train their bots. What’s more, they can even be trained in different languages.


This startup offers an employee benefits card that’s sure to thrill anyone. Besides food stamps, the card allows for cross-acquiring goods. Meaning, if a person has leftover credit on the card rather than spend it at the supermarket on groceries, they can buy movie tickets. It can even be set up to cover products that are increasingly in demand such as streaming services or for food delivery platforms.


Brazil is a vast and beautiful country. That means there’s a lot to see, but travelers may struggle to sort their way through confusing bus routes. Enter DeÔnibus, through its platform, users can compare, contrast and then buy bus tickets. It currently has 140 associated bus routes, according to the startup’s website.


Has this ever happened to you? You enter a store bent on finding a certain product, only to discover it’s not in stock. That disappointment can lead to losing potential sales and hurts a business’ bottom line. That’s where GoFind wants to make a difference by helping physical stores, distributors and even industries help their customers find the product they’re looking for.


Sports are fast-paced. A single kick to a ball or bullet punch happens in milliseconds. Although we often still rely on human eyes to interpret video feed or more traditional software programs to do the math for us. Albeit artificial intelligence (AI) can help add speed and precision. For which iSportistics’ AI system is trained to review footage and from it draw data and insights to help stakeholders in media, coaches, and the sports industry as a whole.


The recruitment process of HR departments is often a long and not so efficient one. However, this Brazilian startup developed a platform so job seekers and HR staff save resources in finding the right fit. It also encourages more diverse hiring through features like carrying out blind video interviews. And applicants can even upload their videos online for a more dynamic experience than the old school resume.


Surprise! Yes, Loft too is part of the 5th group of Google for Startups in Brazil.This proptech offers a platform to ease the lifecycle of selling or buying a home. It’s also developed financial solutions to help property seekers more easily acquire a home. This year it’s also expanding into Latam’s second largest real estate market: Mexico.


Patients should be focused on their health, not playing messenger between hospitals, clinics, and test labs. In that sense, Neomed wants to ease communication among these institutions. A person need only take the medical test, submit it to the startup, and it’ll take it from there to produce a medical report. 


Discounts abound if you know where to look! Unfortunately, deals and promotions are often distributed throughout the internet and it takes one determined shopper to find them. That’s where Promobit comes in. The startup offers a crowdsourcing platform where users can find coupons and discounts for e-commerce businesses in Brazil. Smart shopping made simple.

Real Valor

Investing means keeping tabs on assets and then crunching the numbers away to know whether you’re making any real money. Rather than running to the good ol’ Excel spreadsheet, Real Valor offers a platform where an investment portfolio’s value is calculated in one place. That way users better understand if they’re winning or losing.

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