Colombian Griky is tackling two fronts in education—with 1,000 free classes

Colombian Griky Is Tackling Two Fronts In Education—with 1,000 Free Classes Colombian Griky Is Tackling Two Fronts In Education—with 1,000 Free Classes
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Contxto – Learning should never be limited to a classroom. If anything, the lessons that stick best are often beyond those four walls. Consequently, startups are proving to be hot among eager learners in Latin America. Likewise, edtechs are also offering tools so educators can, well, educate, despite the need to do so remotely in recent months.

It’s within both these niches that Colombian Griky is joining the edtech platform competition.

And to bring more people onto its site, it’s offering users a freebie treat (more on that in a bit).

Schools get schooled

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the world anything, it’s that we weren’t prepared for it. 

No industry went unscathed when suddenly digital applications were imperative to complete the most basic of tasks. And education wasn’t the exception.

So to help universities and learning institutions cope, Griky offers a platform through which teachers can register their classes, organize people into groups, and manage tasks. Heck, it even helps them keep track of student progress and grades.

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Meanwhile, learners benefit from accessing courses that are curated to their tastes. 

Much like the algorithms on YouTube or Spotify can almost predict what type of content you’ll enjoy, Griky offers a similar feature.

And unlike the hideous online platform I had to use when studying, the edtech offers a more user-friendly experience with its clean design.

Thanks to these services, it’s already rallied deals with six universities across Latin America.

But that’s only part of what Griky is all about.

Griky, another continuous learning platform?

The Colombian edtech also offers courses for individual learners on all sorts of topics: programming, graphic design, even petcare. 

And here’s the kicker: it’s recently launched over 1,000 online classes for free. Through this maneuver, the edtech hopes to reach over one million users. If a person wants a certification for passing the course, that’s where they’ll have to open up their e-wallet.

From a strategic standpoint, this is a way to bring new learners who eventually become paying customers onto its platform. 

Other edtechs like Crehana and Platzi have also used freebies as well as discounted approaches to attract users throughout the pandemic.

Though hey, I’m not complaining… you shouldn’t put a price on education. 

But if it’s free isn’t that even better?

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