Huawei and UNESCO sign alliance to develop digital talents in Latin America

The agreement was celebrated at the second LAC ICT Talent Summit in Bogotá, focused on education and artificial intelligence.
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Huawei and the UNESCO Regional Multisectoral Office in Santiago have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote digital talent development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The agreement, signed by Michael Xue, Vice President of Huawei for the region, and Claudia Uribe, Director of UNESCO’s office, was celebrated at the second LAC ICT Talent Summit in Bogotá.

The event, organized in collaboration with partners such as the Government of Colombia, GIZ, and EFE, focused on “Deepening the development of digital talent in the intelligent era” and gathered around 600 participants. Among them were educational leaders, ministers, government officials, and talented young students from the region.

During the summit, experts discussed education and the acquisition of digital skills in the era of artificial intelligence. The growth of AI and digital technologies transforming education and the preparation of future generations and professionals was highlighted.

UNESCO underscored the existing challenges in bridging digital gaps, especially in marginalized communities and rural areas, where access to educational resources and infrastructure is limited. Claudia Uribe emphasized the enormous growth potential of the ICT industry in the region.

Daniel Zhou, President of Huawei for Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted Huawei’s commitment to using technology to improve people’s lives in the region. “When we think about these new technologies, we think about how to put them to good causes, for human development”, said Zhou.

The summit also addressed the importance of concerted efforts to overcome challenges and further promote digital talent development. Andrés Calle, President of the Chamber of Colombia, underscored the need to create innovation ecosystems that foster collaboration and idea exchange.

Huawei celebrates the thirteenth edition of its Seeds for the Future program in the region, having awarded 2,100 scholarships since its launch in Latin America in 2014. Jeff Wang, President of Public Affairs and Communications at Huawei, reiterated the company’s commitment to developing young digital talent.

Through its Huawei ICT Academy program, the company has partnerships with 470 local universities and colleges, offering certification programs to students in the region. Additionally, Huawei has organized Global ICT Competitions, taking Latin American student teams to global finals.

“Huawei is committed to working closely with all parties to find local talents, organize training, and send them to the global stage to make greater contributions,” concluded Jeff Wang, emphasizing Huawei’s commitment to the development of digital talents in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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