Kaszek Ventures leads US$10M Series A in proptech La Haus

Kaszek Ventures Leads Us$10m Series A In Proptech La Haus Kaszek Ventures Leads Us$10m Series A In Proptech La Haus
kaszek ventures leads us$10m series a in proptech la haus

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Contxto – Investment in the house! Okay super lame, sorry. But it’s true.

Today Colombian proptech La Haus announced it raised its Series A for US$10 million in a round led by Kaszek Ventures. Other participating venture capital (VC) funds include NFX, Acrew Capital, IMO Ventures, and Beresford Ventures. There were a few angel investors as well including Nubank Founder, David Vélez and proptech VivaReal Founder, Brian Requarth.

Thanks to these pretty pennies, La Haus can further develop its end-to-end platform for real estate services.

Originally launched and operating in Bogotá and Medellín (Colombia), the startup also expanded into Mexico City in April of last year.

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La Haus prospers amidst a pandemic

While some startups flounder because of the coronavirus pandemic, La Haus has been coping rather well. 

As a matter of fact, its market share in Bogotá and Medellín in Colombia jumped from 4 to 30 percent during the outbreak, according to a press release.

“Amidst the challenges and impact the Covid-19 contingency has caused, consumers’ willingness to carry out online real estate transactions has shot up,” stated Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos, CFO and Co-Founder at La Haus.

“Fortunately we foresaw this change and were ready for it. And we believe this shift to a primarily online process of purchasing real estate shall to be a permanent one. This financing strengthens our ability to build an end-to-end online real estate experience for a post-Covid Latin America.”

One-stop real estate platform

Truly this startup ambitions to be a one-stop shop for users looking to buy a piece of real estate.

From guidance when reviewing properties to hand-holding for the paperwork process, La Haus wants “to house” all of users’ needs and concerns.

Naturally, it proposes to do so through its platform as well as through its team of real estate consultants. These attributes constitute the proptech’s value proposition and it’s also one of the reasons investors were dazzled.

“[The real estate] market has been chronically ignored and today there is no truly organized real estate infrastructure,” noted Pete Flint, Managing Partner at NFX. “La Haus integrates, reduces friction, and makes the entire process more efficient.”

Wanna hear more? We recommend you listen to the following podcast episode: El imparable Kaszek Ventures. You can find the time stamp available in the description.

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