Liber Capital acquires Adianta to expand lending services

Liber Capital Acquires Adianta To Expand Lending Services Liber Capital Acquires Adianta To Expand Lending Services
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Contxto –  São Paulo-based fintech Liber Capital knows there’s more to lending than what it’s current operations allow.

Consequently, today (23) it announced it will buy a majority stake in fintech Adianta to dilute the risk when lending to businesses.

As is, Liber Capital offers companies a lending platform for their accounts receivable departments. However, the fintech acknowledges it has certain limitations.

Liber is only able to anticipate receivables held against partner companies, which sometimes corresponds to 10 percent, 15 percent, [or] 20 percent of the total that the supplier has to receive,” said the fintech’s CEO, Victor Morandini.

“[But] with the acquisition of Adianta it is possible to make a broader assessment of this supplier, and anticipate the other 80 percent of potential receivables, increasing the amount transacted in general.”

The startup ultimately acknowledged that Adianta’s services complemented its own. Both parties also stated that this merger may take around two years to be completed. 

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Brazil’s growing ecosystem of lending fintechs

Thanks to fintechs, lending in Brazil comes in all kinds of flavors and address multiple parties.

So much so that it’s coming to a point where it’s far too simplistic to just divide the lending market into “B2B” and B2C” segments. 

Recent investments, mergers, and acquisitions show that startups and larger companies consider that there’s still plenty of room to grow in diverse lending solutions.

For example, with Creditasacquisition of Creditoo last year, it showcased the importance of offering payroll loans to truly be an integral platform for borrowers.

In June of this year, SME lending fintech BizCapital closed US$12 million. 

Then earlier this month, One7 bought fintech Rapidoo to facilitate lending to accounts receivable departments. 

Whether it’s an individual who’s short on cash and needs a quick loan, or an accounts receivables agent, fintechs’ lending products are expanding to address more needs.

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