Loggi searches for engineering “dream team” in Brazil and Portugal

Loggi Searches For Engineering “dream Team” In Brazil And Portugal Loggi Searches For Engineering “dream Team” In Brazil And Portugal
loggi searches for engineering “dream team” in brazil and portugal

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Contxto – Do you aspire to work as an engineer for a budding Latin American startup someday? Look no further, Loggi may have just the opportunity for you. 

Known as one of Brazil’s unicorns, this startup has gained quite a positive reputation for its delivery technology. Not only can partners monitor freight deliveries in real-time with Loggi’s solution, but also ensure that deliverers are taking the most optimal route for the sake of speed and efficiency.

To better expedite this process, the Brazilian company now intends to hire around 1,000 engineers in both its native country and Portugal. All in all, it hopes to recruit its “dream team” to grow even further, according to Loggi Vice President of Expansion Ariel Herszenhorn. 

“We are investing heavily in technology and people to fulfill our mission,” said Herszenhorn at the recent Logistics Innovation Day in São Paulo, sponsored by StartSe. 

Furthermore, Loggi will also establish an office in Portugal to facilitate the upcoming hiring process. Job listings can be viewed here

Future plans

Over the next five years, Loggi plans to make 5 million deliveries on a daily basis. To accomplish this, it plans to expand its focus on robotics, AI, as well as big data. At the same rate, the engineering team in the making will help achieve Loggi’s desired results.

Ultimately, the vision is to better connect Brazilians to today’s digital era. 

“Brazil is lacking in good connectivity,” said co-founder Fabiel Mendez. “The big issue is logistics. It can take an average of 10 days for e-commerce delivery.”

From an investment point-of-view, the ability of Brazil to improve its delivery infrastructure may be the country’s solution. That’s to say, delivery optimization could assist in revealing the country’s full economic potential. 

“Brazilian logistics is fragmented, inefficient and under-invested, making it an attractive market for disruption,” said Akshay Naheta, partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers. “We believe Loggi is the market leader and is unlocking the growth of the on-demand economy.”

Unicorn status

This past June, the “logistics-as-a-service” become Brazil’s newest unicorn thanks to an investment round led by SoftBank. Accompanying firms included GGV Capital, Fifth Wall, Velt Partners, in addition to Microsoft. 

Now worth over US$1 billion, the company has used this fresh capital to grow, made evident with these recent job announcements and expansion to Portugal.

Earlier this summer, over 5 million Brazilian have joined the platform for its effective delivery of e-commerce products. Customers can look forward to their items either arriving on the same or next day thanks to Loggi’s solution. 


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News